What makes us flow in one way or another

What makes us flow in one way or another

What makes us flow in one way or another? What programms our actions? Many factors affect your life: genetic memory, upbringing, amount of energy, lifestyle, team, thinking, self-confidence. But what forms all these factors? Personal share!

Personal share – scenario of our life. Can I change it? Call any event quite possible. But happiness will not bring it.

There is a law of conservation of energy. If you artificially get happiness in your personal life in more than what should, then lose something else. Most often bioenergy and psychics give either their energy, or pumped up the power of your kind of future generations.

You noticed that those people who actively suit someone else’s personal life or alone themselves, or their children cannot create a family? Here it is the payback for an unreasonable approach. Swhahs give their energy of women’s happiness strangers for earnings. The system is committed to equilibrium, the violator will be cruelly punished. Everyone occupies its place in the system, performs its role.

Currently – an unfortunate woman whose share forces her to suffer today. Purpose – loving husband, material wealth, health, self-realization, happy kids.

If you take positive energy from one of these important factors and throw in another area, you will have new perspectives in this area. Do you need to sacrifice health, money or children to get the result? Really there is no other way?

Let’s see what fate is and why she forms our lives. Fate is an individual for every personality. Accordingly by changing their qualities, we change our destiny.

All qualities can be divided into two parts.

1) What prevents us from acting effectively (fears, incorrect assessment of their capabilities, laziness, narrow horizons)
2) What we do not have enough (knowledge, communicability, confidence, willpower, the ability to set goals and choose the most effective ways to achieve them, intuition)

To correct the events of life, we choose the goal and note the qualities that we interfere with it to achieve. Get rid of them. We work out your shortcomings in turn, only removing one of them forever, get rid of the following. And so to the victorious end.

What makes us flow in one way or another

Then we reveal the missing quality and work out in different ways: new habits, autotraining, work with runes, totems, personal consultations of specialists, breaking stereotypes. The development of new qualities should also be step-by-step.

Usually, working and fixing one skill takes 40 days. But with this approach, the new quality becomes part of your personality and remains with you for life. Better to improve yourself for a long time than playing ideal week.

To speed up the process of changing yourself as individuals, you can contact the specialists: psychologists, parapsitologists, stylists, personal consultants.

When working with a good parapsychologist, it is possible to identify causal communications and development of qualities for several sessions. How to determine a good specialist?

1) he is successful in life. He is all right with money and personal life.
2) He has no serious diseases and physical flaws.
3) it is pleasant in communication. He does not make up, but also does not humiliate you.
4) his reception is a little more expensive than average. But money is taken for the result, and not for a chic office or expensive advertising. Example: a page in the glossy magazine costs 1500 euros, 4 minutes on a small television channel 350 euros.
5) He is happy to work.
6) to each client an individual approach. Immediately after the session, you feel changes, this feeling remains with you for a long time. This means that the specialist saved you from the root of the problem, and not from the investigation.
7) He refuses to receive, if he feels that he cannot help.

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