What makes long-term relationship happy

What makes long-term relationship happy

Why some relationships withstand the test of time, while others rushed in a few months? How to behave at all and what to do so that we can gladly say: "I am still happy even after ten years of relationship!»Studies of long-term pairs, published in the journal" Social Psychology and Personal Science ", showed that even after ten years, marriage couples remain happy and in love if there is such behavior in their relationship&# 8230;

They think positive about their partner

Positive thinking about the second half means that you are focused on his qualities and appreciate them. More often you remember happy experiences together, situations when you were proud of themselves and what you have already experienced together. Negative situations and experience in relations exist, but you no longer return to them and proudly go further.

They think about their partner, even when they are not together

When you without a partner, be it for a day or night, you forget about its existence? Does this mean "from the eye from the heart of Won"? If so, then this may be a sign that you are not very careful about the friend. This does not mean that you have to sig every minute because of your loved one. But it’s good if you remember him: "What is he doing now? The meeting was good? If so, you are already on the way to a happy relationship.

They pass new and complex tests together

It is important to spend time together. According to the psychologist Arthur Aaron and his research experience, it is important to spend some time together, including in difficult affairs. This adds interest, passion and makes it possible to avoid stereotypes in relationships. This aspect is especially important for men. So if you cook together and watch movies, it’s fine, but if you feel that your relationship is worsen, try something new. You do not need to jump on the platter immediately, but you can improve your garden together, go on a trip to not tourist sites or do a new sport.

They express love with words and without

Do not forget the compliments and express love is physically important for the relationship, if you are configured for long-term relationships. Kiss on the cheek, touching hand, hugs – all this maintains the intensity of relationships. These minor actions can not only strengthen your emotional connection with a partner, but also help keep sexual attraction. Goosebumps on the body, butterflies in the stomach even if you do not expect pleasures from bed, fleeting touch and kisses during the day, can cause these feelings.

They usually feel happy

What makes long-term relationship happy

People who feel happy in life, are also experiencing a strong sense of love for their partners. Happy people want to make happy and others, as well as unfortunate. If you experience personal concern, suffering will be transferred to the relationship. If you start feeling that your relationship creaks because of your dissatisfaction with life, contact you as soon as possible to keep your mental health and relationships.

They want to know where their partner is and what he does

With a strong sense of love, you often have a desire to learn about every step of your partner. Pursuit and constant checking calls are already busting, but interest, even if only in thoughts, is a signal that your partner is clearly not indifferent to. Small obsession indicates your connection.

They do everything with enthusiasm and passion

People who are enthusiastic and strong emotions are suitable for their daily life, carry these intense feelings and in their love life. If you want your relationship to be passionate, put this emotional energy into your hobby, interests and even in our political activities.

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