What makes a woman sexy in the eyes of a man

What makes a woman sexy in the eyes of a man

How can you provoke sexual attraction in a man? This question for centuries and centuries worried not one woman. Some believe that the case is exclusively in appearance. And, of course, these data play an important role, but – not the main.

In order to enjoy the success of the opposite sex, it is important to develop the necessary qualities in yourself, which will be talked below.

Men’s Psychology: Features of the perception of women

The psychology of men is such that in reality the concept of women’s attractiveness is laid at the genetic level and, from small years, the seductive image is formed in the brain, which subsequently causes sexual attraction.

It happens that, contrary to the involvement, a strong sex representative may scare a woman who has a luxurious appearance (according to the results of the psychological study of men’s fears). Why?

Scientists revealed that even a short-term conversation with a beautiful girl causes a huge stress in a man. The fan may not even decide on the acquaintance doubt that such a beauty can be free or simply having a high fear of being rejected. Men are more comfortable to enjoy the average woman. This explains the fact that sometimes men have the popularity of not the most beautiful women.

Consequently, an excessive desire for beauty is stupid and inefficient. Be natural, a little bit of tricks – and admiring views will be relentlessly follow you. Work on yourself and develop those qualities that are able to reveal your femininity and sexuality.

Despite the individual preferences of men, there are common qualities that make a woman sexual for most.


There are women who are able to seduce anyone if desired, while not possessing attractive external data. What is the magic of their influence?

Charisma – a special quality that attracts men. Charismatic agents are characteristic of self-esteem and total acceptance of oneself. They calmly treat their disadvantages and surprisingly combine the hardness of the root with playfulness, ease and immediacy.


Mysterious woman – a wonderful bait for men. She never reveals all the cards, thereby causes interest, attracts and fascinates. Woman with a highlight, the secrets of which I want to reveal immediately, but you need time on the ray.


The most important quality that helps to arrange a man – good nature. The ability to sympathize, take care, empathize, the ability to notice good and look at the world with good eyes – such qualities are especially valued and act on men as the strongest magnet.


What makes a woman sexy in the eyes of a man

Unsenongable to public stereotypes having their own point of view that can independently cope with their complexes and fears living in their own beliefs and clearly the following goals – there is nothing sexy calm confidence of a woman in itself.

However, from time to time, representatives of beautiful sex are peculiar to doubt and uncertainty, but decisive individuals do not become their hostages.


The high level of intelligence is definitely attractive. Men appreciate smart women, but at the same time they do not want to see their superiority.

Important fact: According to scientists, smart women are better understood by the desires of men and more ingenious in bed.

Sense of humor

Good sense of humor underlies sexuality. Evil, forever displeased ladies will not be able to attract a man or intelligence or ordinary appearance. But one of the best Aphrodisiacs is a prime, sincere laughter.

Men who seek long-term healthy relationships are looking for in partner in vitality and optimism, the ability to laugh at their jokes and joke in response.

In conclusion, it should be noted that sexuality is far from the appearance of a woman, it is its inner state. There is still a lot of qualities that should be inherent in a woman sexually attractive for men, but, as a rule, the above features are quite enough.

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