What makes a woman no

According to statistics, in the first place to repulsion of men, it is unclean appearance. Everything can be found here: dirty hair, neglected nails as legs and hands, not washing shoes, a dishonest view of clothing, and also here can be attributed to unpleasses. Speaking about an unpleasant smell, it is worth noting that there is not enough about the smell of sweat here, or an unpleasant smell as a whole, you can also here include a sharp fragrance of toiletries or a smell of tobacco smoke.

Doing not a healthy life

Return to tobacco smoke. No man can be indifferent to smoking women. It is worth noting that even smoking is annoying when the girl smokes. It even looks ugly. A similar impression also has a woman who is abused bycohol products. The impression of such a woman immediately adds to.

You should also add a little about appearance. Coward-party, stiffness, timid uncertain steps, all this is not the best way influence your assessment from a male point of view.


Long ago it was believed that too loud female laughter Ilvonky voice speaks not the best way about his owner. But at the same time, think that there may be such a good mood and desire. You are absolutely right. But here it says a little about another.

Undoubtedly, girls have fun many fans, since they are easy and fun with them.But everything should be in moderation. Do not overdo it, otherwise, a cheerful mood may have a negotiable behavior that does not characterize you in the best way.

Clothing "Not in Figure"

What makes a woman no

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that clothes are always true to match your figure. The choice of proper clothes is very important, takaky clothes should emphasize the dignity and hide the shortcomings, but in no way. For example, jeans should be in size, no more, no less. Aklassical blouse should also have exactly your size, but should not be "as on the drum", or vice versa, to dangle like Balahon.

Everything should be in moderation

Any woman should definitely add to their behavish items: sexuality, tomotoy view, clothes, emphasizing all the dignity. But the most important thing is not to move the line that parted perfection with a bust. Women’s own, if she wants to attract the attention of men, should not be too. In the modern world, we have a number of opportunities for the fugure of the figure using surgical interventions.

Many women, facing their appearance, begin to look for defects of their appearance, which will fix it with plastic surgery, more often it lips, chest, buttocks. Opinions about the correction of appearance a lot. But, it is worth it to develop that many polls of the male population were held, about their relation to artificial beauty. And in all the results, most of the male are only the natural beauty.

In any case, if you think that you can conquer the mane, only in line with the maximum of sexuality in our behavior, most importantly inconsistency. After all, excessive sexuality from the side looks vulgar it is beautiful. If you are looking for a man only one night, he will understand you. But if you are looking for a second half, then it is worth thinking about my own behalf and behave more carefully.

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