What major diseases cause smoking and what they are dangerous

What major diseases cause smoking and what they are dangerous?

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But there are some things that are unknown, and sometimes even negatively affect the person and his life. One of these innovations was smoking. Many years ago, when Tobacco began to actively grow, and he appeared on the world market, a peculiar trend flow appeared, which reads: «Smoking is stylish!». However, the fashion passes, changes and modifies, and the consequences of some of these innovations remain, and sometimes deplorable.

Let’s find out which major diseases are smoking and what they are dangerous.

To begin with, a cigarette is also a certain kind of drug, just less harmful and strong than other drugs. Many are compared tobacco smoking with coffee addiction, but the coffee does not bring such severe damage to the human body, which brings tobacco (although it harms biologically and affects cardiac activity).

Someone may argue: «I smoke and it does not fully, but if I broke – then you immediately gain weight». In fact, doctors have long explained this fact: smoking first of all violates the work of the body, the work of organs is gradually knocking down, and determine the metabolism. That is why some people throwing smoking – lose weight, and some on the contrary. In any case, tobacco causes irreparable harm to the body. How many of all sorts of diseases brings tobacco smoking.…Immediately and do not count!

Let’s focus on major diseases caused by constant consumption of cigarettes. First, these are diseases of the pulmonary tract and larynx, they suffer from the first, since they absorb most of the resin and nicotine; Secondly, these are diseases of the cardiac and vascular systems of a person (the walls of the vessels become thin, the blood does not go to the heart, frequent heart rate failures, dizziness caused by weakness of vessels); Thirdly, the flora of the organism suffers. And it is only half of that «Set», which can be obtained from smoking. People dependent on smoking can exclaim that they smoke in their pleasure and can throw at any moment, but in most cases it does not correspond to reality. Cigarette, cigarill or cigar are a drug of slow motion! Perhaps first does not feel harm from smoking, but «with experience» Appears «inexplicable» Didna, frequent tachycardia or arrhythmia, light nausea in the morning and wheezes in the lungs.

In fact, almost all smokers are sick of chronic bronchitis, it is somewhat different from the cold bronchitis, however, the sensations and consequences of almost the same. Often it is felt in the field of chest, configuring breathing, wet cough with a constant discharge of sputum and voices. Smoking people do not notice these consequences, but this chronic bronchitis over the years leads to the development of lung cancer. When resin and nicotine «eat» From the inside the lungs, cover them completely, the almost irreversible process of dieting and inflammation of the cells begins, the consequence of cancer.

People with a weak immunity can develop strong allergies, others have inflammation of the ears, nose and larynx. People spend huge funds for treating diseases that could not be. As if the person himself creates unnecessary problems and trouble. And here, you see, it becomes not so easy in the soul, and it becomes more difficult to reason.

What major diseases cause smoking and what they are dangerous

Man often makes mistakes, but one of the most stupid mistakes is the inability to apply the life situation of another person. People are registered: «Yes, he had it, but it will never happen to me!», But such arguments are rooted incorrect! If you think about heart disease…Majority «guests» Cardiology Departments Hospital – Smokers. Nicotine destroys the walls of the most important vessel – aortic, which is responsible for all blood movements in the body. The vessels become weak and thin, as a result of which a person has a heart attack. And many such infarction are fatal! (When the aorta does not withstand, it bursts). After a heart attack (if a person stays alive) the opportunity to live a full life disappears as a mirage. Doctors prohibit beloved food, favorite classes, walks or jogging, is prohibited almost all.

In the most terrible cases, people die from strokes, which are also caused by the weakness of the brain vessels. The danger of stroke is that a person for the rest of his life can be fully paralyzed and helpless. Is this life? Relatives lose their loved ones to them, but not even think about why everything happened and what became a catalyst for an irreversible process. And their children also begin to smoke, and then children detect heart disease. And again ask stupid questions: why?

Terrible that almost an increasing generation is still in the womb «Kurilo». Young mothers often do not think about the consequences of smoking during pregnancy, they are busy, their provisions and often fear to become unnecessary society, so «Support company» Smoking friends. And then a tiny baby is born with a vice heart, it is born from birth to medicines, they make an operation, and is it to blame? And a large number of children with Daun disease, too, not «From the air is falling». During pregnancy, the Flora of Mother and the Child is doubly weak and susceptible to the surrounding effects, so nicotine is instantly absorbed into the blood and transfers the fetus various deviations from the norm. Of course, smoking people were born a lot of healthy children, but violations could pass through the generation, which will be noticeable later. Most likely, these parents will smoke.

Every year, due to smoking, the terrible number of people on Earth dies.…In many countries of the European Union and in America, smoking by law is trying to limit as much as possible. It is forbidden to smoke in public places and on the street, the prices of tobacco are deliberately overestimated. This reduces the number of smokers, but unfortunately, does not stop the remaining part of people. But not only «Direct» Smoking causes such a number of diseases, passive smoking is no less, but in something even more harms a person.

However, it is worthwhile to ask yourself only one question: is it really smoking more than his own life, the life of their children and loved ones, because you now know what major diseases will cause smoking and what they are dangerous.

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