What looks sexy?

Many women are interested in the question «how to look sexy, but not having a drawing of vulgarity?». Before answering this question, I would like to advise all women to remember that sexuality is created by small details at first glance. It is the details like red lipstick, successfully selected accessories, unexpected elements in clothes, changing the fragrance of perfume and create sexuality in a woman.

Help in achieving the goal you will be helped by light and soft tissue, touching which cannot be excluded.

Answer how to look sexy to help us will be helped by ten ways that are suitable for all women, regardless of wealth and age. At the same time, some ways are suitable for night seduction, and some can be performed at any time of the day.

So, consider these ways:

1. The method is called – we are wearing casual clothes differently. This method does not mean that you need to start wearing clothes back forever. To do this, you just enough to add several original elements to your daily clothes. At the same time, if you do everything correctly, do not doubt that you will not be hired surrounding it immediately see and appreciate.

2. Do not forget about red lipstick. No one argues with the fact that natural beauty girl only decorate. But in this case, the lipstick of red color will only help us in achieving our goal. Lipstick of this shade acts on men reliable. Therefore, in order to make your sponges seductive, you must use the contour pencil of the same shade as lipstick. At the same time, you need to remember that the rest of the makeup should be inconspicuous and very easy, because by moving cosmetics, you can make it vulgar, and not sexual, which in turn can be about.valued man with a negative side.

What looks sexy

3. Use hats. The hat is one of the best elements of a woman’s wardrobe, which is so manitis for men to you. Here you probably wondered, and here the hat and why she attracts the men so? First, this type of woman accessory is very rare. Secondly, the Hat says that its owner is ready for various experiments. Both of these qualities and make up the main component of the sexuality of a woman;

4. Put long earrings. Remove all decorations, assemble your hair in a bundle and prepare light makeup. Long earrings are very combined with long hairstyles and naked shoulders;

5. Use shine. If you will be in a nightclub or stay alone with a partner in the twilight, then the shine will be very effective. It should be remembered that the metal shine in clothes should be combined with the color of the fabric. Also, the method should be abandoned by jewelry;

6. Try exotic. The use of a classic Chinese style can have a very intriguing effect on a man;

7. Eroticity in sunglasses. Glasses are the most erotic accessory in the wardrobe of women. The reason for their sexuality is the mystery that they create, but, as you know, men are very curious and want to guess the riddle;

eight. It is necessary to disappear. Sexuality – This is a surprise, and the usual dress can become more erotic if they are decorated with various unexpected details on her back;

nine. Use clothes from soft and light fabrics. The sexiest matter: silk, cashmere, velvet, satin and suede;

ten. Keep mysteriousness. Do not prose all your body, even if it is very beautiful. Tell a man with your mysteriousness.


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