What liquid to remove the varnish you use

What liquid to remove the varnish you use?

I tried a lot of fluids, but after them there was a white flare and as if some kind of peel on the nail plate.

Someone came across such a problem? After which fluid there is no such fluid?

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I also had such a problem before and it seems to me not because of the fluid and because of the basics under varnish or nail polish itself. White bloom 100% of the liquid, but the peeling passed on me after the color varnish began to apply smart enamel and polish the entire nail plate. and cheap liquid for 20 p from the supermarket.

That’s right noticeable. It is not due to fluid, but because of the foundation. I was the same until I bought a good foundation. And I had a variety of fluids. Do not see differences.

I am also tired of buying expensive means for removing varnish and half an hour to rub nails. I buy a conventional acetone dream, although I understand that it is harmful 🙁 But the nerves do not spend

I also have from a cheap or dream or caress. Lacked still on such things spent.

What liquid to remove the varnish you use

I have Lady Rose, without acetone, no fall leaves, the price in my opinion about 100

I have a liquid for removing varnish without acetone from Avon.Nails do not overheat, varnish erases fast, economical.Price budget – rubles 150.

Belweder with sweet orange butter. I bought it after the review on the site and I really liked it: Quickly removes the lacquer and leaves a thin oil layer on the nail, so the nails are not cut off, look well-keeled.

Liquid with a butter is good, but when it is necessary to degrease the nails before applying a varnish, they no longer use.

+1 Once unrelated manicure erased such a liquid of old varnish, I applied a new one and I have all the nails of the pupils went. If I need moisturizing, I am better than the maslice then put it, but I use the usual cheap liquid, type.

I have Avon, I really like, lacquer lacquer perfectly and the nails do not overheat.

I had this, I liked Severina (in a pink bottle) she even moisturizes a little, because she is a little buty. I also like it (but not as Severin) Sally Hansen (in a pink bottle)

Now Sally Hansen Blue – blews well and not very free, there was a lavender Belvedere – disgusting 🙁 The smell of an elephant will stop on the race, I did not notice the care of the nails, I washed off the middle. And so mostly all sorts of cheap our liquids.

Sephora. Good fluid. But I have no special complaints about them.

I most like Meibellin without acetone in a big green bottle. It is relatively inexpensive (about 3 euros per 100 ml), but erases wonderful, the main thing is not overhanging the nails.

And I buy our domestic two-phase oil for removing varnish DNC, it is only 40 rubles. it’s worth not about any white speech.

Now caress. Loved Liquid Belvedere with Lavanda. Did not like Lyady Rose.

Previously, I also constantly faced this problem and also published a question on the same topic – I was advised by Belweder. The thing is just super! I don’t even remember any spots and raids))) I’m with an orange) and plus it smells delicious)))

That’s, and I’m about it! For some reason, no one believes me 🙁 Eh!

I believe! =) Thing really worth!)))

After taking care of Sally Hensen others do not buy. After it disappeared the problem of white plaque on the nails when removing varnish, and I never used the bases / secure.

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