What knows the dreams

Almost every person regularly looks at night its unique multi-veneer «movie». Lisa.Ru will tell you what kind of dreams say.

The plot of repeating dreams can change, but images and mood remain the same. Sleep is spinning in the head, not giving rest, and each time its emotional impact can increase. This is a faithful sign – pay attention to his subconscious voice, most likely, this message is very important.

Repeating dreams – an attempt of unconscious to reach the mind and report an incomplete problem. Such a dream literally shouts about the need to change the attitude towards yourself or certain aspects of life. Every time the psyche gives us time to correct the error, but the recapture says that the desired transformation did not happen.

Snnowty-series can dream of years, and, sometimes, and all their life, recalling that once again we are on the same rake. Long-playing dreams "grow" from childhood, when traumatic situations occur and complexes are born. As soon as the wound is touched, sleep signals about it, but a person is usually a message ignores.

It is in childhood that the dreams are addressed. "Forget, it’s just a dream," the parents say, wanting to calm the baby. And Koshchei and Barmaley visiting the sleeping baby again and again. Most likely, adults are reflected in terrible images, some kind of features. "Mom, I again dreamed of Baba Yaga …", "the baby complains and cries. "I don’t want to go to kindergarten," the hysteria continues. It is worth thinking: who in the life of the child is a real carga – maybe the teacher of questioning him about what happened the day before.

Repeating dreams can be divided into deeply personal, unique dreams and plots typical for many. The first is especially important, they will dream of crisis moments of life. Such dreams not only announce the problem, but can warn and predict the future. The common motives of dreams are related to society and our manifestations in it. Most often such dreams signals the presence of fears, the feeling of awkwardness and shame. Sometimes a dream compensation and desires are repeated.

School and educational institutions

The hint was enclosed in them: now you feel the object of the assessment, you are controlled and put in a strict framework. Perhaps you yourself are the examiner?

Theme exams

What knows the dreams

Usually, we experience fear and unpreparedness: I do not know anything, I can not solve, I will not pass the exam. Such dreams come into transitional moments of life when we make responsible steps, make decisions, start a new thing. This dream will not tell you, what will be the result, it only signals anxiety and uncertainty in its own. His task is to call for self-esteem and confidence.

Dreams about broken phones and the inability to reach

They talk about the need to establish contact: either with someone from the outside world, or with their inner goddess.

Misunderstandings in the toilet

This is another typical example. Natural desire meets obstacles: the toilet does not meet the standards or it is impossible to find, someone is watched after you or there is a danger to be caught.

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