What kind of zodiac?

Want to become an exemplary gardener? Meet the stars!

With any zeal, you care for plants, the result largely depends on your sign of the zodiac. Representatives of different signs interact differently with wildlife, and therefore hosted on their plot. These features are useful to know and your loved ones so that they do not force you to do what you are not strong.

Aries. It is better to send his energy to growing vegetables and fruits that do not require special concerns – to care for capricious plants, the Aries does not have enough patience. It is important to exercise special caution when working with garden tools and acute objects.

Taurus. The ward of the elements of the Earth does not need to look into the garden calendar – he knows without tips when it is better to water, and when – to go on a must. At the Taurus section, as a rule, gain record major fruits grow.

Twins. In the possessions of the fussy representatives of this sign, as a rule, the complete confusion reigns. Empty-educational cultures can be adjacent on one bed. Surprisingly what everything matures well.

Cancer. At the subconscious level, he understands his wards, mentally talking to the most beloved. And those, in turn, accurately guess the well-being of the hostess and are gaining momentum, only when everything is in order with health.

a lion. Adores all new, he turns his land put on a real experienced area, where experimenting with the most advanced varieties. Lioness masterfully make vaccinations on trees, engage in breeding, grow juicy fruits, create wonderful flower beds.

Virgo. For a practical, accurate representative of this sign, work in the country is not a hard sentence, but a relaxation method. These clever prefer to grow vegetables and greens. And often allocate several beds under the pharmaceutical garden.

scales. They least want to mess around them in the ground, making physical efforts. Garden plot interests them at the flowering stage. They can call themselves specialists to create beautiful lawns and planning alpine slides.

What kind of zodiac

Scorpion. In its territory, treated islets are replaced by untouched wild prairies. Depending on the internal state, the signs of the sign move "from light to the shadow", equally comfortable feeling everywhere. Scorpio is not indifferent to plants with healing properties.

Sagittarius. Holding the arrangement of the country area, he prefers to do everything with a scope. But rarely brings started to the end. For a funny noisy Sagittarius Departure to nature is simply unthinkable without kebabs and friendly feast.

Capricorn. He aims to receive a guaranteed crop. Lots of proven varieties, applies famous feeders, reluctantly uses technical innovations. He manages to grow luxurious apple trees, pears, cherries and plums, as well as perennial plants.

Aquarius. Perfectly feels like a "wild" piece of land where untouched natural landscape. Oddly enough, while he is very knowledgeable in agronomical affairs. But he is lazy to embody his knowledge in practice.

Fishes. They go to the cottage in order to stay in solitude, dig in yourself and get together with thoughts. Fish rarely can boast the generous gifts of their garden, because they treat sick and weak plants too reverent and do not regret the strength. But usually to no avail.

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