What kind of pilots “Formula 1” follow this season favorites and the most promising beginners

What kind of pilots "Formula 1" follow this season: favorites and most promising beginners

Russian pilot Haas Nikita Mazepine this year first performed at the Formula 1 competition. The debut of the athlete met in 1 minute 27 seconds: he left the track in the first circle, hitting the bunch at a speed of 230 km / h. However, Nikita is still ahead: novice is rarely lucky on the "Royal Racing", and, at first glance, a loud failure – just another stage of training in his career.

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Lewis Hamilton, 36 years old (United Kingdom)

British pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton – the legendary seven-time champion "Formula 1". Last year, in the number of victories, he overtook himself Mikhael Schumacher, and this season probably he will strengthen the lead in the most prestigious automotive race: he has already installed a new record in the number of circles as a leader. An invincible athlete takes the first lines and in the ratings of the highest paid raceways: now his capital is estimated at $ 285 million.

Max Ferstappen, 23 years old (Netherlands)

The Netherlands Racker, speaking for the Red Bull Racing team, on the current "Formula 1" became the key opponent of the current champion Lewis Hamilton. In the two previous seasons he had a prize 3rd place of the championship, and at the Grand Prix of Bahrain, the athlete finished the second (retarded only by 0.745 seconds). Ferstappen literally lost to Hamilton’s victory: the racer could finish the first if it had not been forced to return the position after a minor blot and deliberately slow down in front of the opponent’s Mercedes. Many critics, despite the non-ideal result, consider Max the best rider of the world championship of this year. "Even a little better than Lewis," says former Formula 1 pilot Niko Rosberg.

Pierre Gasli, 25 years old (France)

French Runcher Alphatauri Pierre Gasli – Spectacular motor simplifier. Two of his four brothers, father, grandfather and even grandmother engaged in karting. Pierre got into the team "Formula 1" in 2017, and in 2020 he won the first victory in the championship at the Italy Grand Prix, which became the first and for Alphatauri. Now critics call it one of the most talented pilots of the new school "Formula 1".

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Antonio Jovinazzi, 27 years old (Italy)

What kind of pilots

Italian pilot debuted on Formula 1 in 2017 as part of the Sauber team, but two seasons later found himself in Alfa Romeo, which presents at current competitions. He achieved impressive results on the last Grand Prix of Bahrain, showing the 12th time, and it is quite ambitious to achieve the best results at the current championship. In addition to Racing Antonio, he is interested in tennis: in Italy he goes into one club with the first racket of the world Novak Djokovich, where he personally invited the titled tennis player.

Charles Lecheler, 23 years old (Monaco)

The MONEGASSK Rankinger first performed on Formula 1 as part of the Alfa Romeo Sauber team in 2018. The debut brought the athlete 6th place, thanks to which he became the second after Louis Shiron (that is, since 1950) a pilot from Monaco, who scored points in Formula 1. From 2019, Charles began to play for the Ferrari team, which this time represents on the races of the highest class. In addition to Motorsport, Lekler is interested in music: he plays the piano and complains music himself.

Yuki Tsungoda, 20 years old (Japan)

Japanese pilot Yuki CuDoda – the youngest racer "Formula 1" 2021 (this year he will be fulfilled only 21 years old). In the team Alphatauri, Yuki took the place of the Russian athlete Daniel Mr. Now the rider is already called the best debutant of racing for many years, and the Red Bull Advisor on Motorsport Helmut Marco prophesies to him the championship in the next seasons.

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