What kind of pet start

What kind of pet start?

The content of birds and small mammals is one of the great many hobbies of people who want to join the world of wildlife.

Why do people want to make an animal

Psychological and social significance of this kind of hobby is quite large. Taking care of animals, people make their leisure richer, distracted by anxiety and stress inherent in the modern world. For a lonely person, his pet becomes a true friend; In children, the responsibility for the fate of a living being is brought up, and the departure for the animal tears them to work. Wanting put an animal, A person gets the opportunity to realize his creative potential, for example, in the process of working to bring new breeds.

To succeed in this area, first of all, it is necessary to have knowledge, practical experience. A good help can be the corresponding reference.

Causes of people who encourage people to make an animal

Choosing, what animal will start at home, Urban residents more preferred wild mammals. That is quite understandable. Life of citizens proceeds among multi-storey buildings and urban noise. Many almost day are in "Four Walls": During work – in the industrial premises, institutions, outside work – in their own apartments. The cities are severely polluted by the environment, the vegetable and animal world is very poor. Therefore, a person, being an integral part of nature, being closely connected with it invisible "threads", Throughout life, the need for communicating with living beings. This encourages the modern citizen to leave in his free time for hunting, fishing, mushrooms and berries, rest at the reservoirs, make hikes for the city. However, such trips are associated with the problem of transport. Crowded wagons of electric trains and buses darken the joy of communicating with nature. In addition, destinations for the city require a lot of free time, and it is just at the citizens and not enough. Elderly and sick people like "Hiking" Practically unavailable.

To get out somehow from this position, some buy a cottage with a land plot and all summer spend on the lap of nature: they are engaged in flower growing and gardening, finding not only the passion, but also useful use of their forces and knowledge. Others prefer put an animal in homemade zoagon. It does not require much work and a lot of strength, and feeding significant cash costs. With daily cleaning cells on Animal care Not spent a lot of time and animals do not deteriorate the sanitary and hygienic conditions in the residential premises.

Wanting to put an animal, a man seeks to expand his horizons

What kind of pet start

Living creatures in the house give a person the opportunity to spend the leisure interesting, fascinating, to donate from everyday worries and loneliness, positively affect the well-being, bring up a careful attitude towards the world of animals and birds, the environment. The whole charm of the content of mammals and birds in the house is that they very quickly cease to be afraid of man, become hand, it’s easy to go to the call of the owner.

The zoe breeds in the apartment, the house is the laboratory in which you will study the psyche, the habits of your pets, engage in their training, to conduct tribal and breeding work, observe such wholebiological processes, like the marriage behavior of the male and female, feeding and care for young, their growth and development to achieve independence, the emergence of reflexes and much more. The knowledge gained as a result of observation is especially useful to schoolchildren studying zoology and biology. They are deeply assimilated the subject, better have time.

Animal care requires compliance with security measures

When communicating with animals and birds, it is necessary to observe personal hygiene, after cleaning the cells, it is necessary to wash your hands and face with hot water with soap, regularly carry equipment disinfection.

Before put an animal or a bird in the apartment, it is necessary to take into account the following: living in nature, they can be infected with people dangerous to people, therefore, they must be pre-discussing with specialists of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision Specialists. Best wild animals – gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and others, to acquire in the laboratories of scientific institutions or pet stores, where they come after quarantine and compulsory controls at customs, if they are imported from other countries.

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