What kind of music is better to do fitness

What kind of music is better to do fitness

Often, music playing from the columns in the gyms is just an informational trash causing irritation. Meanwhile, this important element of the workout is capable of improving efficiency, as evidenced by the results of a number of studies.

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What kind of music is better to do fitness

Have you ever watched training of serious bodybuilders in your fitness club? They always focused as much as possible and, it seems to be deep in themselves, partly because they protect themselves from external stimuli by the headphones of an impressive size, of which, as a rule, heavier rock. And the point is not at all in the brutality of these guys, but in the fact that such a kind of music magically increases the development of testosterone, which, in turn, plays a key role in building muscles.

Recall cases of sudden outbreaks of adolescent aggression on rock concerts – this is to blame this wayward hormone. A similar effect can possess the energetic hip-hop, Dwayin Scala Johnson, for example, often listens to Public Enemy and 2Pac during training. Another useful effect of heavy music is that it distracts the brain from muscular voltage signals and reduces the pain threshold, as a result you perform on one or two repetitions more, working on the limit of your capabilities.

Rhythmic music is worthpric for aerobic training. Our body responds to it at the physical level: I want to move, pour the foot, click the fingers. Recent studies show that a person sitting motionless when listening to pleasant rhythmic music, the stoves of the brain are irritated, responsible for motoring and coordination. Involuntarily we try to synchronize your movements according to the strikes of the bit, turning the sounds of music into a kind of metronome. Especially pleasant and familiar heart of the melody are able to provoke emission of endorphins, thanks to which the process of fat burning will go even better.

For cardiovascular, it is better to choose professionally smashing sets, where there are no jumps between tracks, and the speed if it changes, then slightly and almost imperceptibly. Perfectly suitable techno with its smooth rhythmic pattern, after all this "Music Music". The pace within 135-140 BPM is solved with the frequency of heart impact frequency, and you will receive an additional source of energy. Faster music listen for such purposes does not make sense, on the contrary, is the likelihood that fatigue will come earlier than you expect.

Curious fact: Rhythmic music provokes microspasms in the muscles, during cardiotranships it does not matter, but during severe power loads may cause injury.

Similarly, things are with calm, relaxing sounds. For yoga or stretch marks – you can’t think better, but when the muscles are in the maximum tone, relax them will be bad idea. So each training session is their music.

Turn on the playlist all that you are associated with pleasant memories maybe it will even be a soundtrack for your favorite film. Recognizable melodies help better than completely new – do not load the brain of excessive work. For the same reason, give up listening audiobook during training. Active attention is still to focus on the work of the muscles. If you listen to music on your phone, especially during aerobic load, do not forget to disable the network to avoid receipt of calls that will instantly gather you from the rhythm and the right mood.

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