What kind of manicure is better

What kind of manicure is better?

Today we will talk to you about the types of manicure. Classifications and subspecies, indeed, set. We will tell you about the main types of manicure. What kind of manicure is better, you will learn from our article.

Let’s start, perhaps, with hardware manicure. You already understood what we are talking about? Hardware Manicure – the fastest, modern, and main gentle way to give your nails a healthy look.

The essence of such a manicure is to use a special typewriter with various grinding nozzles, which polish the nail surface, give it the right shape and even move the cuticle.

In fact, you spend the usual European manicure (unedged), simply without the use of scissors, that is, eliminating the likelihood of micro-damage. Such a gentle effect allows the use of a hardware manicure even on damaged or very weakened nails, helping to strengthen them and strengthen growth.

Classic healthy nail should be matte pink all over the entire plane with a bright white tip. Of course, natural perfect nails in everyday life are a bit, because there are bad ecology, daily affairs and even lack of vitamins. However, show it is completely optional.

Each of us heard of light and elegant French manicure. Natural beautiful nail can be drawn, and is called such a technology – French manicure. In recent years, naturalness in make-up and manicure becomes especially popular. Brightly allay lipstick and lacquer “tone-in-tone” is no longer in fashion, today it is much more interesting to healthy and well-kept style “A la-Outver”.

For the first time, the French manicure appeared, as you already guessed, in France (hence the name happened). Its main goal was universality, that is, compliance with any outfits and any makeup.

The main focus of the French manicure is located on the tip of the nail, which is emphasized by white. Gently do such a procedure at home almost impossible, so we recommend that you immediately appeal to professionals.

What kind of manicure is better

Thanks to modern high-quality coverage, the French manicure will stay on the nails long enough, and its versatility and elegance will allow you to look great in any situations.

By the way, the French manicure is often used by both men, and is also the basis for a wedding manicure – which should not be bright and a little romantic.

However, we will talk about the male manicure separately.

Fortunately, men are increasingly beginning to come to the opinion that not all female things are so useless.

In the 21st century in the portfolio of the young self-confident person you can find both hygienic lipstick, and a gel for laying hair, and … nail polish. Of course, it will be colorless, most often giving fruit. However, there is not enough nails to be saved only with nail polish.

Therefore, men come to beauty salons per spa manicure (a unique procedure that helps relax and put in order not only nails, but also the skin of the hands), and for the care of the cuticle, and for the general strengthening of the nail plate.

Remember, the male hand is the first thing they see not only the ladies (who are accustomed to pay attention to the details), but also other men (including business partners) during greetings. So male manicure is the basis of the image of your man.

So, cute ladies, you have already decided on what kind of manicure is suitable for you? That’s right, why choose something one if you can try everything! Experimental girl with well-kept nails is always attractive!

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