What kind of lure is needed by a crumb commentary of the expert RAMS

What kind of lure is needed by Cross: Commentary of the expert RAMN

Drinking dairy products are recommended to include in the diet of the child, starting from 8 months. Expert of the Children’s Food Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences of Ramna about what Mom should know and take into account, choosing a fermented milk product for a kid.

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Baby food brand "Tyoma" offers a new milk product – "bioolk". What is his uniqueness and what is included in his composition, was told by a researcher of the Children’s Nursing Department of the Food Rams, Candidate of Medical Sciences Safronova A.AND.

What is "bioolk"?

"Bioolat" is a natural drinking milk product, which includes milk, break and a small amount of sugar. It was developed by the manufacturer of baby food "Tyoma" together with the Institute of Food Rams. The product’s uniqueness lies in a special start-up, which includes thermophilic streptococcus and acidophilic stick.

Is it possible to compare "bioolk" with kefir?

Both are drinking milk products that are recommended to include in the diet of the child of the first year of life. They are distinguished by Zavskaya. At the heart of the yoke of kefir – kefir fungi. And the crevice of the "Biolact" includes thermophilic streptococcus and acidophilic stick. The acidophilic stick, which makes up the basis of the Biolactian frkist, is present in the intestine of the infant. This is a "friendly" body of lactobacterium, besides, it is extremely life-in-law – not destroyed by the action of gastric juices and better than other lactobacilli takes away in the intestine, where he makes his useful work.

There were many studies in the world, which revealed the influence of acidophilic sticks on the body. So, it is known that it protects the gastrointestinal tract, has a positive impact on immunity, reduces the risk of developing infections. Acidophilic chopstick suppresses the development of pathogenic bacteria, it is resistant to antibiotics.

It was also revealed that the products include an acidophilic wand, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, improve digestion and reduce fermentation, that is, get rid of abdominal and gas formation.

Is the level of acidity of "bioolkta" differ from kefir acidity?

The acidity of "bioolkta" is much lower than that of the kefir, which gives the product very soft and delicate taste.

From what age and how it is recommended to give the baby "bioolk"?

Drinking dairy products, including "bioolk", it is recommended to include in the diet of the child, starting from 8 months. However, the introduction of a new product must be coordinated with a pediatrician. Each kid has their own individual characteristics, it is important to take into account.

Acquaintance of a child with a new product need to start gradually: the first few days to give "bioolk" with small portions and in ten days to bring the amount up to 200 ml per day. Moreover, this rate applies to all fermented dairy products.

Why sugar is present as part of "bioolkta", does it make it harm?

The sugar content in "Biolact" meets the permitted standards and the baby does not hurt, because glucose is needed by the body. The only one should consider that the sugar is contained not only in industrial products, but also in vegetables and fruits, so adding it artificially into the diet of the baby, for example – to sweese the kefir or other food, is not worth. For children up to a year, the total norm must be no more than 25 – 30 grams of sugar per day.

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