What kind of health problems speak dry leather lips

What kind of health problems speak dry leather lips

The cracked and dry leather of the lips is not always "ordinary business" and can signal a serious failure in the body.

In reality, the dryness of the lips, the appearance of cracks and peeling leads any violation in the body. The skin in this area is quite subtle and sensitive and characterized by the almost complete absence of the sebaceous glands, so it is difficult for it to confront weather factors and internal problems. The main of them tells the dermatologist, beautician, plastic surgeon Madina Bayramukov.

External factors causing dry lips

Lovers bite lips and regularly lick them always in the risk group, since the human saliva contains substances that dried the skin. The dryness effect can be obtained and after receiving very acute or salted food, which is very annoying the mucous membrane. In this case, you can take the rule to use the napkin or rinse the lips after meals.

No less harmful to lips sunbathe under direct sunlight without a special means containing in its composition SPF. Finding the sun not only leads to dryness and peeling of the lips, but also often causes the so-called solar herpes. In order not to have problems with lips in the summer and winter, do not forget about the use of balsam or hygienic lipstick before going out.

Health problems that lip dryness

Dry lips may appear on an orvi background. Usually this symptom manifests itself after the high temperature falls. Its reason is the dehydration of the body and the decrease in immunity.

The dryness of the lips can also signal the deficiency of water in the body. Therefore, no matter how much you enjoy a moisturizing balm, it will not help you restore the balance. Do not forget to check whether you consume simple non-carbonated water.

What kind of health problems speak dry leather lips

Also on the state of the lips do not produce such factors such as violation of the absorption of vitamins and elemental avitaminosis. Due to the lack of vitamins, in particular vitamin B12 and iron, painful cracks may appear in the corners of the lips.

Allergies to certain products or medications can also lead to dry lips and irritation in the corners of the mouth. Violation of the kidney function and hormonal imbalance, in particular hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, diabetes can also become the causes of dryness and peeling of the lips (Read also: "Hormonal imbalance: how to recognize it and prevent").

Daily care with the help of moisturizing and nutrient balms with natural components and vitamin E will help to get rid of. Suhesity causes such components as part of funds like Synthetic Wax, PetrolTum, Paraffinum Liquidum. Preference is better to give beauty products with a natural wax and oil content, such as jojoba, peanuts and t.D.

Use enough water and get rid of habits to bite and lick lips, especially when you outdoors.

You can bring the lips in order with the help of folk remedies – honey and olive oil. And if there is nothing suitable at hand, you can use eye cream, past ophthalmological control. But keep in mind that the gels for the eyes are not suitable for this purpose.

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