What kind of cosmetics are professionals. Release II

What kind of cosmetics are professionals. Release II

Beauty-director Marie Claire Anastasia Kharitonov communicates with the professionals of the beauty industry and tells about their favorites in leaving and decorative cosmetics. The creyophy of Bigvava answered the questions – a dermatotologist, to.M.N., Bellefontaine Clinic Head.

How much time do you usually spend in treating yourself?

Alas, not so much as I would like. I "strongly and a lot" working woman, so 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening – the maximum that I can afford not only on weekdays, but on weekends. True, twice a month I transfer the center of the Beauty activity in the clinic and there I will definitely missed.

Do you change skin care depending on the season?

Be sure to change. Now winter, and I recently moved to more dense saturated creams. In addition, masks began to play a face. They actively nourish the skin and make it more resistant to change temperatures. In the spring, traditional creams will become easier, and in the summer we will smoothly replace the weightless gels and fluids.

Are there a cosmetics that you do not change for many years?

Of course have! I am already 12 years old by brand Bellefontaine. You know, I don’t even have a desire to try something else. Do not seek goodness. If it is completely satisfied with the quality and in the line of funds you can find a solution to absolutely all problems, then why test fate ..

That from the last new products especially liked?

Just received from Switzerland a new eye cream Eye Contour Perfection Cream, Bellefontaine. The formula is based on vegetable stem cells of argan wood and edelweiss. They are able to slow down the processes of aging, fight with free radicals, activate the rehabilitation processes in the tissues. Besides? remedy so easy that you can use it in the evening and in the morning.

What makeup means are now lying in your cosmetic?

What kind of cosmetics are professionals. Release II

In matters of makeup, I am also an absolute alolyub. Open my cosmetics, and you will find there only Bobbi Brown in all possible options: Pencil for the eyes of Long-Wear Eye Pencil, Palette of shadows in beige-brown colors, lipstick. By the way, I suddenly found the perfect shade for myself. This is Rich Lip Color, Rose Blossom.

What salon procedures are you doing during the year?

First, I regularly make Bellefontaine mesotherapy. As a rule, twice a month throughout the year. Secondly, with the same regularity, I go to the clinic to clean the skin – first ultrasound, and then the manual. And of course, I do not forget about cosmetic care, but here every time the choice depends on the skin of the skin at this particular point. It may be moisturizing, lifting inflammation, treatment … Another mandatory point – manicure and pedicure from our zita Crachesskite, an amazing masters with an incredible aura.

Do you hold any power system?

I was lucky in this matter. I eat very little, so there is simply no need to sit on the diet. But I drink a lot of water. And incredibly demanding on this issue. Never come to the coolers and plastic bottles. Only water in glass or brought from home, where I have a "smart" installation, not just filtering, but also structuring water. I spill her, I take with me and give children to school. I do not drink coffee at all, but I love tea very much.

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