What kind of contraindications are in the thread lifting “

"What kind of contraindications are in the thread lifting?"

"So far I have accounted for hardware techniques and fillers. An example of a girlfriend (very impressive, by the way) made you think about the face lifting threads. As far as it really helps in my age, and as a nite lifting is compatible with contour plastics (I use Radiesse)?"

Answer a cosmetologist

The use of threads to rejuvenate the face and body in our days will not surprise anyone. However, to understand independently in the types of threads and the feasibility of their application, probably, it is very difficult, given their diversity and contradictory advertising slogans. There is a generally accepted separation of threads on biostimulating, reinforcing and lifting.

Bostimulators include threads from the absorbable suture material – polydioxanone, polycaproolactone or pure lactic acid. More often, these threads are thin (not thicker of the human hair), smooth or having minimal fixtures for fixing in tissues (in the form of braids, twisted braids, helix from one or more threads). The main goal of such threads is to compact the flabby skin, stimulate the tissue update, strengthen the production of collagen. They are not able to pull or move the skin, but they are able to create a good "base" for subsequent thread suspenders. Such threads are the most atraumatic, they are recommended to begin to use after 25 years to prevent aging of individual areas of the skin most susceptible to aging.

What kind of contraindications are in the thread lifting

Reinforcing thicker thicker than biostimulating, they can have more reliable mechanisms for fastening in tissues: hooks, notches, and so on. They are created from the same types of suture material, and have both a biostimulating effect, the ability to strengthen the tissues and create a light effect of skin tension and subcutaneous structures. Bostimulating and reinforcing threads are effectively used to prevent the provisions of fabrics of the face and body and to correct the initial age changes. According to testimony, they can be used even in a relatively young age up to 30 years. Women at 30-40 years old should be seriously thinking about the use of biostimulating and reinforcing threads to preserve their face, because if it does not hold down the falling tissues in time, then it will have to use more traumatic types of threads – lifting, or in general will be due to the help of a plastic surgeon.

Lifting threads may consist of a resinking and non-disseminating suture. They necessarily have the ability to capture well and move the fabrics at the expense of notches, cones, nodules, as well as the ability to install their loop. The installation of lifting threads is always more traumatic compared to biostimulating and reinforcing, and here there may be such moments as the "responted" face immediately after the procedure and the next few days until the face will "sat down" on the thread, soreness because of the desire of tissues to accept their own The position, the folds of excess skin, which gradually will be massacled during the month, swelling within a few weeks depending on the amount of threads and installation schemes.

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