What kind of contraceptive pills better drink to not get pregnant

What kind of contraceptive pills better drink to not get pregnant

If a woman has not yet plans to become a mommy, and the young man is not yet ready to physically and morally to be a future father, then in this case it is necessary to worry about contraception. Today the choice of contraceptives is huge, such a huge amount is due to the fact that they are enjoyable and help to protect young couples not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from various infectious diseases that are transmitted by sexual. But if sex partners already know each other not the first year and live for a long time together, they choose such contraceptives in this case, such as contraceptive pills, which are also very effective and help not get pregnant.

Therefore, very often, young couples begin to wonder, use or no contraceptive pills and what kind of contraceptive pills is better to drink today today. This article will help you figure it out. It will be displayed which types of contraceptives and types of contraceptive pills at all exist, and which of them are better. Because some women think that contraceptive pills from pregnancy may differ only by the title, price or packaging. What they differ from each other, and than some pills better than others, rarely who thinks.

Varieties of contraceptive tablets

The first appearance is the gestagne contraceptive pills. Such contraceptives have only a synthetic progestogen. Such small pills are designed specifically for women who have different contraindications to the use of medicines, and in its composition contain estrogens. Also, they are very often prescribed by mammies who feed the breast.

The second appearance is oral combined contraceptives. Artificially created female hormones that imitate estrogen and progesterone. Such contraceptives are divided into another two types: three-phase, in which the hormone level changes for twenty-one days, when these tablets are taking place, monophasic, in which the hormone levels remain the same during the entire reception.

It must be borne in mind that taking various contraceptives, a few factor signs will act on a woman who will protect against pregnancy, to slow down the ovulation process. The thing is that when the woman takes the contraceptive drugs, hormones are beginning to change, which hinders the eggs. Also, when taking such contraceptives, the cereal mucus will change, it will become more dense and dense.

When a woman takes one tablets, then the doctor who writes them out, comes from what age is a woman, what diseases of it are and other indicators. Such pills are best taken, as they do not disturb the monthly cycle and reduce the risk of cysts on the ovaries. In addition, one of the positive qualities is that they are prescribed in various diseases of gynecology.

Contraceptives combined

What kind of contraceptive pills better drink to not get pregnant

This type of contraceptives can be divided into several types. And therefore before allocating them, it is necessary to understand what role a female hormone plays. One of the most important hormones is a progestagen, which blocks the process of ovulation in a woman. Estrogen does not prevent the woman to get pregnant, but he can establish the passage of monthly cycles.

We now turn directly to the species:

  • Low volume combined oral contraceptives. Such contraceptive pills are best suited for boring and young women and for women aged;
  • High-alloy combined oral contraceptives. They must be used to appoint a doctor. The reason lies in the fact that they are used for serious hormonal disorders;
  • Mediated combined oral contraceptives. The doctor prescribes them for women who have a monthly cycle.

And the last group – microstrosted combined oral contraceptives. Such pills are prescribed by most young women who have not yet been giving birth to children.

Now you know which contraceptive pills are better and able to make the right choice.

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