Top – 6 hair products in the cold season

Top – 6 hair products in the cold season

Moisturizing, Protection and Nutrition – In the cold season, hair needs a large-scale event that will help get rid of dryness, lifeless and oily shine. Evva Editorial.RU chose the top – 6 medium care products Moscow winter.

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  • Le Petit Marseillais
  • Christina
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  • Top - 6 hair products in the cold season
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Guarantee the necessary care, providing healthy radiance, you will help you moisturizing shampoo and balm rinsing from Wella Pro Series . Sasha Breyer, Wella International Expert comments: "Moisturizing shampoo and rinsers are designed specifically to give women the result and feeling from visiting the cabin, providing the necessary level of moisturizing, which fills the hair with life and healthy radiance even in conditions of home care.

Silicone mask for damaged hair from the professional cosmetic brand Christina (Israel) – the perfect way to make your hair shiny, elastic and obedient even in the cold season. Thanks to the extracts of rosemary, green tea and scarlet faith, vitamins E and A, the mask has a strengthened effect, gently and effectively restores the surface of damaged hair and prevents their further destruction, keeping texture and color.

Intensive mask for damaged hair Visible Repair from Londa instantly restores and strengthens damaged hair from the roots to the tips. Mask feeds hair, providing elasticity, shine and ease of combing.

Under the influence of an aggressive natural environment and stress, hair and scalp. Damaged hair need not only maximum protection against harmful environmental impacts, but also active nutrition for the restoration of natural power. New air conditioner for damaged and painted hair Le Petit Marseillais, containing natural blueberry components, supplemented by a unique Saflor oil formula, create wonders of simultaneous hair protection and scalp.

Vichy Lab Represents a complex of strengthening ceramic and a cocktail of 5 amino acids in a natural-reducing DERCOS mask for dry hair. The mask fills the missing amount of keratin around the hair rod, makes it more resistant to the effects of aggressive environmental factors. Proteins, minerals, vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B6, Omega 6 and 9 nourish, strengthen and smooth sequencing ends, dry and damaged hair.

Mask and incommable serum in the Dove complex "Intensive recovery" are designed specifically to restore and protect damaged hair. Washing mask with Fiber Active technology penetrates the hair and fills lost proteins. Imgreated serum with REPAIR-Lock technology envelops the hair surface, fixing the resulting recovery result, and gives hair incredible softness and glitter. You will be proud of your hair. Beautiful, healthy, smooth and shiny, they will be the subject of universal admiration!

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