Tooth cosmetics Unusual means for beauty and health and gums

Tooth cosmetics: Unusual means for beauty and health of teeth and gums

Will she help without a visit to Dantitist to make teeth more beautiful and whiter?

President of the International Dental Association (IDA), an expert Oral-B and Blend-A-Med Inna Visarabova explains why there are actually scrubs for teeth, cavity foam, injecting hyaluronic acid for gums and other non-standard "dental" means.

Whitening strips

Whiten teeth at home, safe to use, do not have serious contraindications and can whiten the teeth in stages, bringing the shade to the desired. The effect remains long enough, while affecting enamel and does not injury mucous cheeks and lips. However, without prior consultation, the dentist is still not to do. ─ BEGIN.

Black coal peelings

Recently, special peeling agents and appliques based on black coal appeared on the market, which is also aimed at whitening the teeth. In fact, this invention is not new, as it came to us from Arab countries, where black coal censes are used as a whitening agent. Apply such funds is strictly according to the instructions and only in the absence of contraindications (they include increased sensitivity of the teeth, age up to 18 years and some others).

Gloss for teeth

For lovers to dazzle their smile surrounding there is a special shine that gives the teeth an incredible radiance and attracts glances. The tool has a short-term action and special benefits does not carry, but it looks spectacular. The gloss is sold in special tubes and applied with a brush-applicator incoming in a set.

Cleansing foam

If we talk about truly useful inventions in the area of ​​"dentistry for beauty", it is impossible not to note the foam for the oral cavity. It serves as an analogue of the rinse, but due to the consistency and taste is much more pleasant to use. It is convenient to carry it with you and use after each meal and, unlike conventional rinsing, the foam does not irritate the mucous membrane and is suitable even for children.

Tooth cosmetics Unusual means for beauty and health and gums

Scrub for teeth

This is an absolutely new means created by analogy with skin scUSD The principle of its action is simple: due to the mechanical impact of special granules on the surface of the teeth, the enamels occurs, as a result of which the teeth begin to glisten. Simply put, polishing the surface of the teeth and the prevention of the formation of plaque. But despite the fact that the scrub will definitely go to the teeth to benefit, he will not replace professional cleaning in the office of the dentist.

Hyaluronic acid

Today, the procedure for administering hyaluronic acid in gums is increasingly popular. This is exclusively medical manipulation, which can only be carried out by the testimony of the dentist and only under the clinic. It is conducted by a specialist for restoring the shape of the gums and improve its appearance, sometimes even eliminating the need for operational intervention.

Electric brush with massage effect

No one no one surprise with an electric toothbrush, but only if it is not brushes with reciprocal technology. The essence of the technology is that the small round head of the nozzle pulsates and turns out of side to the side. Pulsating movements tear off the flare, and return rotational ─ releasing. At the same time, a soft massage effect is created that improves microcirculation – it is useful for preventing inflammation and for the overall health strengthening of gums and teeth. In the latest models of such brushes, in addition to this, a cleaning zone determination system is installed, which helps evenly work out the entire oral cavity, and there are special modes for cleaning the language.

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