Tools, warm clothes for cold

Tools, warm clothes for cold

Dublinka is the outerwear from sheepskin, which is worn by fur inside, unlike the fur coat, which his fur shows. But the coat is not inferior to anything, very friendly existing next to her in the winter wardrobe of women around the world. If the fur coat is a demonstration of luxury, then Dublin, if it is modern, correctly selected and is well sitting on the figure – a demonstration of style, taste, and the fact that the woman is watching fashion trends that are changing every year for sheep.

From the story of Dublenki

Fashion historians believe that Dublenka is a thing incoming Russian origin. In St. Petersburg Hermitage, there is a piece of clothing, very passing on the sheepskin, the one we know today, and specialists in the chorus declare that this product is at least two thousand. The XVIII and XIX century for Russia passed under the sign of fur coats and sheep – and those and others, however, were accessible either to wealthy peasant families, or representatives of noble blood. Fashion on the bunch of Russia was somewhat jump-like – she appeared on men and women, it was lost in the midst of fluffy fur of chic fur coats. The latter of such a big influx of Dublenok Russia experienced closer towards the end of the 90s, when the fashion on the upper clothes from the coat became such a comprehensive that even terrible synthetic fakes were worn under natural products. Nowadays, she has become mandatory and beloved clothes of the autumn-winter season, the requirements for it increased, and we finally understood that if we wear a coat, then we certainly high quality and perfectly appropriate and in color and figure. Today, at our disposal there are models of any color and length, with decorative ornaments or without them, with a short or long fur, with a velvety or lacquered glossy surface.

How to choose a dozen

In such a variety that strongly removes the total deficit, it is not difficult and lost, however, when buying a sheepskin, attention should be paid not only to its design, but also on quality.

Lyuginate Dublin: If it has a pronounced smell of good skin, then a quality thing. "Old" or just an unpleasant smell with outsiders will report that the thing was stored in the conditions unfavorable for it or the skin was initially undergoing inappropriate processing.

High-quality covers have a homogeneous skin in color and thickness. If the manufacturer is trying to save and sick, you can notice this in the inserts of different colors, thickness and textures.

The fur of a good sheep has a luxurious natural brilliance, he is pleasant to the touch, does not have a fatty, smell of paint and inhomogeneous color. If you put on the hairs of the nail and it will immediately break – the sheepskirts will not last long.

Tools, warm clothes for cold

When buying a sheepskin, pay attention to the season for which you buy it or conditions for which you are going to wear. If you want her to withstand the onslaught of water elements, then you need a flipper with a lacquer. Caring for it is easier, and she can last longer. Outside, the covers reminds a leather jacket jacket: Evolution continues . This is very good such a sheep in a short version, but in this case it is not worth combining it with lacked leather boots. Such a suicide attracts attention to its glossy glitter, so the fur for the collar is worth choosing a short-cut or not very volumetric and fluffy.

Actual design

If your choice is a classic velvety paper surface, you can not be shy when selecting a fur framing: Lescent, Chernoburka, Redhead Fox, Mink, Beaver, Cute. Such covers are great for frosty winter for wearing with cozy uggs.

As for the relevance of the design, then we continue to wear a born with a wide pending collar, which is not too much striving down, that is, does not continue around the edge of the shelves. The most relevant covers showed Donna Karan this year: her models have a fur collar-clay (the most fashionable form of the neck), the design of the fur sleeveless on the type of coupling and belt (not just a belt!) with an expressive buckle as the main accessory.

You can choose a bunch of any color, but her skin should not contrast with the color of fur. Fur is better to choose noble, both short-haired and long pile. The basic rule for modern coat is the perfect landing on the figure, because winter bunch 2010 is a very feminine detail of clothes.

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