Tools of decorative cosmetics

Tools of decorative cosmetics

Decorative cosmetics are known since the times of Ancient Egypt. Its use was considered real art. Excavations of ancient Egypt were accompanied by finder finders to remove hair, sets for tattooing. It is known that in the Middle Ages, blush, made of lead sulfide and powder sulfide (lead whitel). These substances are very poisonous to the human body, so they provoked hair loss, severe poisoning. In the XIX B. The lead oxide was replaced by zinc oxide, and the lipstick began to produce from the painted wax of natural origin, the so-called koshenyle.

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Today, the safety of decorative cosmetics for the human body is ensured by constant quality control by state bodies – Russian State Independence – and issuing hygienic conclusion.

Decorative cosmetics based on fats

Traditionally, lipsticks are produced in the form of thin rods located in a plastic retractable housing. In its appointment, lipsticks are divided into hygienic (usually colorless, can be weakly colored), protective (from exposure to UV rays), tonal (lip color in various colors).

The consistency allocate the following types of lipstick: solid (pencil, rod) and creamy (are usually produced in jars or tubes with a brush). Also distinguish with dry, bold and fat lipsticks in the degree of fatty smear.

Tonal lipstick has the highest range, as it is produced in a wide range of colors.

According to the durability criterion, three types of tonal lipstick differ: simple, traditional (remains on lips for 3-4 hours); Sustainable (up to 5-6 hours), top-resistant or super-resistant (from 6-7 hours or more). The latter practically does not leave the imprint.

Powdered and compact decorative cosmetics

Tools of decorative cosmetics

Powder in its composition carries a range of components: amorphous talc, magnesium stearate, zinc stearate, zinc oxide, starch, maize or rice flour, mixed in different ratios, and mineral pigments. High-quality powder should remove the brilliance of the skin, absorb its selection, easy to go to the skin, have a good covering ability to mask defects on the skin of the face.

Distinguish compact, rash, liquid powder and cream powder. Powder should be selected under the skin type – for dry, normal or fat. According to the degree of grinding, the bulk powder can be from the group «Extra», What does a particularly thin grinding mean, or from the 1st group.

The main difference of compact powder from the bulk is that it can be applied to the skin with a light layer, while not to crumble. With properly selected proportions of the components of the powder, it is not solid, but dense. The surface of high-quality dense powder is not «sues». The same rule applies to both the shadows for the age and blush, and others.


Liquid mascara for eyelashes is a suspension of small-chopped pigment in the emulsion medium. It contains connections, due to which a thin hydrophobic film remains on the eyelashes. Emulsion consists of fat components, lanoline derivatives, plant waxes, emulsifiers, stabilizers. In addition, the emulsion includes such anti-inflammatory components as propolis, azulene, rose oil, provitamins, etc.

Distinguish between the usual and waterproof mascara. The latter in its composition contains hydropobizats and waxes that are soluble only in fluids for fatty cosmetics, you can use soap. Mascara designed to eliminate eyelashes or increase their volume, contains 3-4% crushed fine nylon fibers.

Decorative nail cosmetics

Decorative cosmetics for nails are represented by varnishes and manicure enamels. Laches after drying leaves a transparent film on the nails. Enamel (or varnish paste) on the nails leaves an opaque painted film after drying.

The composition of the enamel for nails includes mineral tunic pigments, metal oxides, pearl additives such as Guanin, particles of mica, small motley splashes (0.1 mm size) «Silver» or «Gold» and etc.

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