Tools for skin cleansing are preparing for spring

Tools for skin cleansing: preparing for spring

On the threshold of spring. With what face we will come to her? Long winter had a negative impact on the skin. Frosty air, temperature drops, lack of light and sun rays, as well as too dry atmosphere in rooms caused by heating – all this did not decorate the skin, and made it pale, dehydrated.

It’s time to take the case and bring it in order. Here, great help will have properly selected means for cleansing, which will soften it, fill with moisture, will give a healthy appearance.

Penka for washing

Many women consider foam to wash the most pleasant and comfortable way of cleansing the skin. It is a mousse with a gentle, light texture. Such foams are produced in the form of spray, most often, with a dispenser. Penka perfectly cleans her face, it suits almost for all skin types. Exception – dense, oily skin with advanced pores, prone to the formation of acne. It will require other means.

Shower gel

Cleansing milk

If you have sensitive skin, inclined to irritation, in this case the cleansing milk is best. It penetrates into the pores and perfectly cleanses them and skin surface, not leaving the slightest feeling of. Cosmetologists are advised after you cleared the face with milk, be sure to suck it with cool water or use tonic. It is necessary in order to remove the residues of the milk from.

Micellar water

Now this water is a very popular tool. It is enough to moisten it with a cotton disk, clean the face, and ready. But, according to cosmetologists, micellar water conducts only surface cleaning. It can refresh the face in the course of the day to remove the powder or tonalnik and re-apply a fresh layer. However, for deep purification of the face before bedtime, it does not fit, here you need to do with the tool.

Lotion for face

Lotion is most often a water-alcohol solution of various active substances for cleansing the skin and care (it includes organic acids, vitamins, plant juices, indifferences of medicinal herbs). Such lotions are best suited for oily skin with advanced pores. There are also lotions with a softer, unscheretatic formula. All of them are applied to the skin with a cotton disk. Many of them are used not only as a means for cleansing, but also for skin moisturizing.

Tools for skin cleansing are preparing for spring

Hydrophilic oil

This tool is invented in South Korea. Leaving cosmetics from that country have long been popular with Russian women. Hydrophilic oil includes oils and emulsifiers, making it capable of dissolving even the most resistant and tight makeup and strong skin pollution. It is especially convenient that when it comes into contact with the face, it acts as a gentle and light cleaning milk and instantly dissolves all the contamination, for this it is not necessary to apply forces. Plus the hydrophilic oil is that it does not leave the feeling of fatness and oiliness on the skin. After cleaning the oil you need to quickly sleep the face with water.

Makeup removal napkins

Such napkins are a real chopping wand for use at work, traveling and other cases when you need to remove makeup during the day and impose a new one, or just refresh your face in hot weather. Packaging napkins compact and sealed, so they are comfortable to wear in cosmetic. In addition, such napkins are often reusable.

Cleansing mask

Cleansing mask is not a means of everyday use. However, such masks are necessary for deeper and thoroughly cleansing the face and removal of pollution. They can be used 2 times a week.
Cleansing masks penetrate deep layers of leather and pulled out from them spent substances. Such masks are an indispensable tool for women who cannot or do not like to attend cosmetology cabinets.

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