Tools for removing makeup 7 best

Makeup removal means: 7 best

The two-phase remedy copes with waterproof, pigmented lipstick and other products that are in no hurry to wash off by the usual wash. Shiseido is well suited for age-related skin, because it is enough to apply the disk to the eyes for dissolving cosmetics, without much effort and unnecessary movements on the skin. In addition, the composition contains xylitol – ingredient holding moisture and increasing collagen production. By texture, the product resembles an oily tonic, but not butter. Before applying the bottle you need to shake.

Biosource Balm-to-Oil from Biotherm

It is called balm oil, as this tool really resembles a whipped thick oil. It can be used in different ways: to put on a dry face with massage movements and then wash off (then it turns into milk) or wipe the skin with a wet cotton disk, impregnated with oil. Balm dissolves eye makeup without friction. As part – Complex of oils, vitamin E and extracts of laminaria and thermal plankton. Good moisturizes.

Make-Up Remover MICELLAR WATER GEL from La Roche-Posay

Makeup Makeup Gel – Another means for anhydrous cleansing, and wash with water. The main component of the gel is the thermal water enriched with selenium, which soothes well. Such a means is suitable for cleansing sensitive and prone to leather redness. For waterproof makeup gel will not take, and with everyday will cope with excellent. Apply gel on the skin, massage and remove the remnants of the napkin.

Time to Clear All in 1 Cleanser from AHAVA

Mixing any cosmetics of milk with good leaving functional. All components have Israeli origin: Dead Sea minerals, algae extracts, aloe vera and palm palm trees (possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties). Milk narrows pores and restores the acidic alkaline balance of the skin. Should be applied to dry or wet skin with a cotton disk. After washing, additional moisturizing is not required.

Gentle Milk Cleanser from Avène

Tools for removing makeup 7 best

Thick milk based on thermal water manufacturer recommends using for dry and sensitive skin. But it is so easy, which is quite suitable for oily skin: does not leave a film or any other side effects on his face. Well dissolves resistant makeup, does not require active friction in the eye area. And what is the most important thing – does not give the effect of pellets in front of the eyes.

Floral Water Make-Up Remover from Klorane

Water for removing lightweight everyday makeup. The main ingredient of the means was the extract of cornflower, recommended for tired and edema skin (due to the high content of potassium salts, magnesium and iron). This water will help to cope with swelling under the eyes and is suitable for those who wear lenses. Another bonus – a bottle with a membrane. Even if the bottle is dropped, the contents are not shedding. Convenient to take with you on trips.

Perfect Facial Wash from 3Lab

Tonic with a very strong functionality: Designed for removal of makeup and cleansing the skin, prone to acne and inflammation. There are no mineral oils, only antibacterial ingredients: 2% salicylic acid exfoliates, green tea extract controls the selection of sebum and tightens the pores, ginseng root improves microcirculation. This tool is not used on the area around the eyes. Tonic can be applied on face with hands or with a cotton disk. Application one or twice a week will not be superfluous in caring for fatty porous skin or leather with traces of a pedestal.

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