Tools for child skin tender care – Processing wounds

Children’s leather care products: Gentle care – Processing wounds

Your efforts to prevent the skin of your children from drying and irritation will be in vain, if you do not moisturize their gentle skin. The use of a moisturizing means after taking a bath in a sense helps to achieve the desired result, but it should also reuse it after they were in dry environments. Children are generally prone to dry skin, but some of them may be more prone to her if they inherited dry skin care for dry skin and water balance in the body from their parents. In addition, frequent hand washing, cold weather and low humidity also affect how dry your child’s skin is.

  • Leather humidifier: Despite the fact that fragrant lotions in bathrooms and beauty salons can smell very tempting, keep in mind that the child’s skin is just as sensitive to the ingredients contained in lotions, as well as to detergents for the body – especially this is true for those who suffers from skin allergies. Keep the delicate skin of the child from the appearance of rashes and soften it with a lotion without flavor, such as a moisturizing cream for sensitive skin Sensitive skin: fragile reflection of capricious nature Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin.
  • Lip balsam: Hands, knees and elbows are not the only areas of the body, the skin on which they become dry and crack. Children’s lips will also dry. But instead of allowing them to take lip balm with a catchy label and a tasty smell, give them an organic balm that does not contain harmful chemicals and dyes, such as Balsam for Lip All Terrain Kid’s Lip Armor Protection & Healing Lip Balm SPF 25 with chewing gum and cherry taste. And be careful before allowing a small child to run away with lip balm packaging lip balm – a gentle touch – lip balm can easily become a microbrier as soon as your child shares with the rest of his classmates.
Tools for child skin tender care - Processing wounds

Processing Ran

Cuts and scratches appear constantly if you have an active child. But some parents may not understand that the wounds are not always well heal, no matter how small they are. Any incident during which the skin is damaged, can potentially lead to the formation of a scar. That is why you must process the area of ​​the possible occurrence of scars during and immediately after the healing process.

However, not all means against the scars are ideal for children. They, like soap and shampoos, as a rule, pulls the skin, because of what children are more than reluctant to apply healing drugs on the skin. Pay attention to the following formulas that are designed specifically for children:

  • Spray from scars and scars "Without tears": Scars in children require soft attention. But make a child stand still enough to apply healing the drug, it is not easy – if you do not have a special ointment for children. Spray for Kelo-Cote Spray for Kids, which is sold in a convenient bottle with spray, eliminates discomfort during scratch care and dries by itself, without having to rub or overlay.
  • Means for old scars and scars: scratches on the elbow, which were noticed a few months ago, left the scars that you found on your child’s hand only recently? Not too late to process them. Gel Mederma for Kids Skin Care for Scars Topical Gel is designed specifically for the processing of forged scars, regardless of their origin – bite, scratch or bee bite.

Creating a simple daily skin care can be as simple as the choice of the right formula for children. Their eyes will no longer stive soap splashes, and their skin will not dry after taking a bath. In fact, the right detergent can even contribute to the fact that they will look forward to the next water procedures.

But wash the dirt is just half. Maintaining the skin moisturized, preventing the appearance of scars – the task is no less complicated. With the help of swelling lotions and not tongue-free tools for processing scars, children will not be so opposed to your care about their skin.

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