Took his princesses “Tarasov took Kostenko with his daughter from the hospital

"He took his princesses": Tarasov took Kostenko with her daughter from the hospital

July 10, the third wife Dmitry Tarasova Anastasia Kostenko first became mom . For her husband, Dmitry Tarasova is a second child, from the first marriage with Oksana Ponomarenko he has an eight-year-old daughter Angelina. With Olga Buzova, he did not have. The other day the happy father took the spouse and newborn from the hospital.

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Took his princesses
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Footballer Dmitry Tarasov took Anastasia Kostenko with her daughter from the hospital. A 24-year-old woman was discharged from the elite suburban center "Lapino", where many celebrities give birth. The 31-year-old athlete reported the news of the discharge on his page in Instagram:

"I took my princesses".

The newly-made mother also shared the joyful emotions associated with the appearance of the heir:

"Everything is as if in a dream … in the best dream".

Spouses published the same photo on which they are captured with a child. Users noted that Anastasia after childbirth looks great – she has no extra kilograms, it is slim and attractive, as before pregnancy. Kostenko on the day of discharge from the clinic put on a colorful sundress who emphasized her figure.

Rumors about the position of beauty appeared for a long time, but a couple of some time did not advertise the joyful news. About the upcoming replenishment in the family became known after a photo session, in which lovers took part . Soon it turned out that they were waiting for the daughter. It is still unknown, as the baby called, fans want to know her name:

"Let the Angel of Crocha always protects, let the path of the child be bright and good!"

"I wish good health and well-being of a family, restless happiness and love. Congratulations to the expensive mommy with the birth of a little man, which, of course, is great happiness in your life!"

"As we called? Tell us!".

"The first wife also gave birth to him and that? I did not hold it ".

"What are all evil. Congratulations, Happiness and Health Baby and Mom!"

"Happiness, Health Mom and Girl! Let it grow on joy ".

"True, that I called?"

"Hurray, such joy! Let God keep the child ".

"And I am a pity, he loved so Dima, but he turned everything".

Recall, the fame of Dmitry Tarasov increased at times after his marriage on the TV range Olga Buzova, with which they demonstrated ardent feelings and called themselves "Taraisiki". Idilly ended sharply in 2016. The leading "House-2" considers the ruiner Anastasia Kostenko, because many negatively configured to the woman. There is information that the footballer since 2017 cannot sell an apartment in which he lived with the previous wife. For apartments, a man requested no little – 70 million rubles.

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