Too much and always not enough. “The most controversial book of Trump’s nieces goes on the eve of the election

"Too much and always not enough": The most controversial book of Trump’s nieces is out on the eve of the presidential election

November 3, the election of the US President will be held. At the same time, the "Eksmo" publisher produces, perhaps, the newly discussed book of 2020 on how Donald Trump overtook the brothers in the race for the site of the heir to the construction empire, and other candidates for the president’s place. His niece and clinical psychologist Mary Trump tells the history of the family who gave the world of one of the most ambiguous politicians of modern times. On the day of release in the United States sold over 950 thousand copies.

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In the summer of 1960, a heir appeared in the office of construction tycoon of Fred Tramp. Together with his father, he visited construction sites and key political meetings, learned to conduct business and started the necessary dating. It was not Donald. It was the eldest son, Freddie, named as well as his father. But several years have passed, and the memory of the firstborn fears from the history of the company, and his place took the average – the one we know now as president of the United States. What happened in the family of Trumps? As the heir lured his position, and why his other son went around? Mary Trump, the niece of Donald and the daughter of the defeat of Freddie.

Mary Trump – a member of one of the most influential families in the world and an insider of events that allowed Donald Trump to come to power, first in the family, and then throughout the country. Her book "Too much and always not enough" quickly became the most rapidly discussed book of summer: on the very first sales day, she was excavated by a circulation of 950 thousand copies and gained over 60 thousand reviews on Amazon website.COM in just three months. Family members of Trump unsuccessfully tried to ban the publication of the book Mary through the court, and the president himself entered the discussion about it.

The author is not just the chronicler of the family, but also a clinical psychologist. In his book, she tells the history of Trumps and analyzes the psychological situation in the family:

❇️ How severe Mother’s disease and her absence in the house affected children, and, in particular, on a two-year-old Donald;
❇️ How the competition for the attention of the father has formed the character of five children Fred Trump;
❇️ How patriarchal orders in the family broke other brothers, and why Donald they only helped;
❇️ As the current president managed to build a person’s image, who all achieved himself, although his father always stood behind his back;
❇️ Why the firstborn Fred Trump was crossed out of family history, and his children were from the will.

Loneliness in early childhood, tough competition with the elder brother, the impassant of the mother, the coldness of the Father, the lack of respect for women inside the family did Donald Trump as we know it now. Mary for a long time did not speak out about him publicly and did not cooperate with journalists – it lasted until 63 million Americans, in her own words, did not decide to "turn our country to the Macrobrow of my malignantly dysfunctional family".

". The events of the last three years are forced me to act, and I can no longer be silent. By the time of publication of this book, hundreds of thousands of Americans will be laid on the altar of the arrogance and conscious ignorance of Donald. If he provides a second term – it will be the end of American democracy. [. ] "Too much and always not enough" is the story of one of the most notable and powerful families in the world. And I am the only representative of Trumps, who wishes her to tell ".

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