Too many legs “With Reese Witherspoon on the cover of Vanity Fair, strange metamorphoses occurred

"Too much legs": Strange metamorphoses occurred on the cover of Vanity Fair

Every year, the magazine Vanity Fair produces a "Hollywood" room dedicated to the main heroes of the film industry. The cover turned out to be bright and impressive, and caused a large excitement among network users. The fact is that on the cover of Reese Witherspoon, the public counted three legs. Winfrey’s oblast and obrade, who has a third hand appeared in the picture from Bestrej.

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On the eve of the Oscar ceremony, the American magazine Vanity Fair released its traditional "Hollywood" number dedicated to the chief heroes of the film industry. His cover, as always, decorated the stars of the first magnitude. Among them, they were not particularly distinguished by OPRA Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon, which after processing photos in Photoshop turned into real mutants.

Too many legs

Apparently, during the shooting of artists, repeatedly transplanted to create an ideal composition. And after finalized pictures in a graphic editor. As a result, after the manipulations produced on the cover of the magazine, a snapshot was blocked on which the audience counted three legs at Reese Witherspoon.

"I’m trying to count how many legs of Reese Witherspoon. It bothers me the last five minutes. "

"Photoshop fails. Why ris has three legs?"

"Too much legs! How it happened?"

"What a funny picture. Honestly, you can do better. For example, draw the third eye "

"How this riz Witherspoon has time to do so much immediately? She will produce, removes in films, she has its own line of fashionable clothes, it helps to organize social movements. Now it is clear: the thing is that she has three legs ".

"The best picture I’ve ever seen. You disgraced on the whole world "

"Why so ineptly use photoshop?"

The edition of the publication was explained that in fact three legs are no more than an illusion that turned out due to the cut Dresses of Reese. According to them, the lining of the skirt unsuccessfully distorted, performing in the role of a third feet.

However, the stubborn users of the network found on the website of the edition of the BesteJe from shooting, where the "victim" of the wintic processing of the photo became OPRA WINFRI. If you look closely to the photo, it will be noticeable that one hand lies with the TV presenter on the waist, the second – on the knee, and the third she hugs Reese Witherspoon. And here no excuse will help. However, the editorial office of the publication did not deny the obvious and apologized, promising that in a short time corrected the laughter and replaced the incorrect photo on the site.

I must say, both "heroines" of shooting to the curiosity of the situation with humor, commenting on the scandalous cover on the social network.

"So. In my opinion, everyone knows that I have three legs. I hope you will still accept me as I am. And I will never apologize for being so tightly. I highly recommend you to make you the same thing if you have the opportunity, "Witherspoon reees in his microblog.

"I accept your third leg. I hope you don’t have anything against my third hand, "Oprafri answered her.

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It is noteworthy that before that Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey together decorated the cover "Time" – one of the most influential US magazines. Then, when choosing the actress, the casting director tried to achieve maximum variety of appearance types, and fans of the network admired joint photos of Reese and Opra.

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