Too early. Celebrities express condolences to native Valentines advantage

Too early. Celebrities express condolences to native Valentines advantage

Yesterday, August 14, after several days in resuscitation, 54-year-old singer Valentina Lightwost. Star show business can not believe in what happened and express on this score in social networks.

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On August 8, it became known that the performer of the Hita "Yagoda-Malina" was hospitalized and is in a coma . As the media reported, Valentina LightwostsAdova went to the hospital in a state of severe intoxication. Already in the clinic she had a head injury, because of which she fell into intensive care. Artist began the edema of the brain.

For several days, doctors fought for Valentina’s life, but could not save her life. Yesterday the artists did not. Colleagues are easy access publish her photos on social networks and share memories – what beautiful and talented man she was.

Valeria: ". tragically left Valentine easily accessible, beautiful singer, wonderful person. For me, she will always remain in memory of a nineteen-year-old girl, who, like me, entered the Gnesin Academy to Iosifa Davydovich Kobzona. The currency was already then a bright, noticeable student. In addition to her talent, she also paid attention to himself – her hair was always braided into a thick braid to the belt. Valya was a very versatile musician. She, violinist, singer, was dissolved any genre – from jazz to folk. To enormous regret, she was known to the public only due to popular songs, among whom was "Yagoda- Rasline". How bitter that life is so early and ridiculous. My most sincere condolences to relatives and loved ones. Bright memory of our dear Vale."

Natalia Gulkin: "Valya died lightly accessible. 54 years. No words. There is no justice in life. Bright memory, patience and forces of the family "

Katya Lel: ". did not become a talented singer. too early. Light and eternal memory. My condolences to relatives and loved ones. "

Yulia Savicheva: ". woke the calls journalists and said that Valentina did not. I first did not understand anything? What’s happened? I watch the news, really. We participated together in the project of the first channel "Three Chords", she had a dressing room near, and we communicated, gave each other sweets and supported each other. She remembered, such, know, light and powerful energy, positive. Yes, very positive from her was energy. Was. I express my sincere condolences to the relatives and loved ones of Valentina, and also fans of her creativity."

Svetlana Lazareva: ". This day was divided by before and after. "

Stanislav Pieha: "We met last year for 3 chords, I always knew about Valentine’s easy accessible, someone from relatives said what kind of good singer and musician. It turned out to be very bright, light, bright and young. Fashionable and Youth. I was glad to know Valentine (currency). Bright memory. Sad. Condolences close and native "

Andrei Razin: "All artists" Disco Soyuz ", as well as the" Laskovaya May "groups, mourn the stringless death of a beautiful singer, a very good soul of a person, a talented, deserved artist of Russia Valentina’s advantageous. We bring the most sincere condolences to relatives and loved ones. Horror! I can’t say anything else."

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