Tonya Samsonova “When you are thick, in a professional plan, you are objectively more difficult to”

Tonya Samsonova: "When you are fat, in a professional plan you are objectively harder"

How sports helps bring the brain into working condition

So, by the standards of my life, the problem was essential.

I recovered for 30 kilograms for three months and lost 30 kilograms for three months. Between these states was about six months. Cool when you can get on time and then. For example, you were born with a little breast and think it is like to have a big breast. When you’re all so big – it is quite another self-assumption. Go to the room and feel – you’ve come. Owning the situation. And when you’re small when you go to the room, they may not notice, and you need to wave your hands, – Hello, I’m here, I came, – to pay attention to you. However, when I realized that the weight prevents me from working, which because of it they do not perceive me, I decided to lose weight.

I do not know how much this condition would have lasts, if once I did not receive "Magic Pendel" from life. I needed to make documents. I realized that this task requires me super passions – inclusion in work and concentration. I remember, I met then with a friend who saw me said that everything is bad, and offered to start running. To run not to lose weight, but in order to get out of the depression state. In fact, you take yourself a routine that involves constant physical efforts to be able to solve complex intellectual tasks. In this sense, running for me is an effective way to bring brain into a working condition.

Thus, after January, February and March instead of 92 kilograms, I began to weigh 62.

How Excel helps to lose weight and why a complete person is more difficult to be convincing

Tonya Samsonova

It is important not to go crazy here and not to play. Because at some point you think – 56 many, it is possible to 47. Yes, you can, but do not need. And 47 are not needed, and 52 too. Need to stay within a mentally healthy attitude towards yourself, otherwise the risk of making a disorder of food behavior. And this is not cool. I do not want to think about how much I weigh and how I look, it takes too much attention.

How much I remember, only in the first grade I was a little thin child, after that – especially in adolescence – I understood that there are people loud of me and that correctly, probably be less. However, despite this, I was still convinced that I was the most beautiful, and in the fact that I caught a sympathy at first glance and like me to people (such a duality of consciousness). In addition, I also understood that this property – like people – makes human life easier and affects the character. Attractive people often analyze less and less doubt – unlike those who since childhood considers themselves not very beautiful and popular (such people are more reflexing, they are better developed empathy and emotional little). And the confidence is that everyone adores you, makes you, on the one hand, less sensitive, and on the other – more bold. You are afraid of you, you risk more and easier moving forward.

When you are not slender, you constantly think – I’m OK or not ok? From this point of view, it’s good to be very thick or quite thin, but it does not happen. Unfortunately, I rarely met women who do not doubt and know how to think about how they look (if I meet such women, then I ask them how they came to such a sense of medium and harmony).

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