Tonus of the uterus during pregnancy everything you need to know about it

Tonus of the uterus during pregnancy: everything you need to know about it

What are concepts «tone» and «Hypertonus» uterus during pregnancy? We tell about the reasons and symptoms of these phenomena, which should be afraid and what treatment is necessary.

Tone of the uterus during pregnancy — A rather common diagnosis among future moms. Today we will deal with what he means is to be afraid of him and what consequences of this phenomenon can be.

How to determine the tone of the uterus? Irregular, non-intensive cuts in the uterus during pregnancy are absolutely normal. If there is no pain, discharge — There are no reasons for concern.

What is the tone and hypertonus uterus

The frequency of such cuts even increases with the term of pregnancy. With a pregnancy term, the uterus is growing, and various physiological processes are taking place in its wall, aimed at preparing for the upcoming birth. At the same time, the child himself, every day becoming more active, irritates the fallopart wall with its movements. However, everything is not always happening within the norm.

Uterus in tone: what it means? Some pregnant breasted uterine can occur very often and lasts not 1-2 seconds, and longer, causing quite unpleasant feelings. If there is an unpleasant feeling, it means we are talking about hyperthonus.

This condition requires advice and inspection of the doctor of an obstetrician-gynecologist to clarify the causes and conduct of therapeutic measures.

Uterus Tone: Causes

  • chronic stress;
  • conflicts in the family and at work;
  • overwork and increased physical activity;
  • Too frequent sex life;
  • increasing body temperature;
  • Tonus of the uterus during pregnancy everything you need to know about it
  • Cough with ORVI;
  • progesterone shortage;
  • constipation.

Future moms, depending on the length of the baby, characterize the symptoms of the tone of the uterus during pregnancy in different ways.

In the first trimester, most often this is a pulling or compressive pain in the lower parts of the abdomen and the unpleasant feeling in the lower back (as during menstruation);

In the second and third trimesters – a sense of short-term, but strong stress or "petition" of the abdomen.

The danger of the uterus tone during pregnancy

Increased uterus tone can cause chorion and placenta detachment. The stronger and more often it is compressed, the greater the probability of detachment and — In the worst cases — Shortening and opening of the cervix.

Hypertonus, as a rule, manifests itself with such symptoms as pulling, buty, cutting pain at the bottom of the abdomen. In terms of after 14 weeks of pregnancy, too frequent cutting of the uterus also says that this tone is not the norm.

Treatment of increased tone of uterus during pregnancy

The state usually copes with antispasmodics and drugs, relaxing muscles of the uterus. These medicines should appoint a doctor who observes the course of pregnancy and knows the features of the health of the future mother. Only he knows how to remove the tone of the uterus during pregnancy.

The most common preparations for the treatment of increased tone — Candles, injections and droppers. Hypertonus is usually treated in hospital under medical supervision.

Thus, it can be concluded: periodic cuts of uterus that do not carry pain and discomfort must be present and such a tone is not treated, it is an integral part of pregnancy.

If the stomach hurts, the uterus is too often the uterus, then it is necessary to immediately report this to the doctor and then follow his instructions.

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