Tonic with fruit acids

Tonic with fruit acids

Girls, hello! Cosmetologist recommended me to use tonic (lotions) with fruit acids that would narrow pores. What means you used? What you can respond well and advise?

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And I’m standing. I, too, the names of such interesting.

In addition to exfoliak, nothing comes. But this is a very nucleus tonic.

She is the Israeli Holy Land to me try to try. But probably there must be an alternative?)

From Israeli still kristina. There seemed to be acidic.

Interes, I would have tried it myself) But it probably cannot be used in spring and summer?

An, you can, if you constantly use high SPF protection.

Tonic with fruit acids

I’m just just starting to use pharmaceutical cosmetics while I use a tonic without acids, but next will be Ducray Keracnyl Purifying Lotion.

About him good reviews. It has glycolic acid – 4% salicylic acid – 0.1% and dairy kilot – 0.5%. The compiler is just for fatty problem skin.

thanks! I want him, just did not see in pharmacies)

Lena, and I didn’t see Dukeray too anywhere. Where do you want to take it?

Len, I also did not see such a company

In the internet found a duture company, sold in our pharmacies, but all hair only!!

From Ducica bought shampoo and hair balm, it is rare. And no cheap brand.

Bought Samsonfarma in the pharmacy

Ducray is in 36I6 and other major networks, you just do not notice this brand, they have a modest range compared to Vichy and Avene. Where there is Avene and Klorane, there is both Ducray, these are brands of one group Pierre Fabre.

I order in an online pharmacy immediately and medicines and cosmetics, it turns out cheaper than in a full-time pharmacy.

We six months ago purposefully searched for shampoos and balm from the duture, unfortunately, when dealing with pharmacies, there were no them. Now, maybe a brand spread more.

from Anna Lotan Tonic with Acid, Japanese Tonic with Acid. Both are like.

Corn has a fruit kit mask. Her prases. This, of course, is not a tonic, but may come in handy))))

thanks! Yes, she also attracted me with his positive reviews, so I want her too)

Japanese BCL Aha Clear Lotion has very high consumer assessments in his homeland, and we also praise. Costs 562 rubles for 145 ml in the Melonpanda online store.

The company Jansen has a lot with acids of what

And where it is? in pharmacies did not see. In online stores?

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