Tonic Pearl-ash Hair Balm Tonic Balm from Rocolor

Tonic Pearl Hair Tonic Tonic Balsam 8.10 from Rocolor

This remedy is already five years old, it used to use very rarely – about once a month, and now more often – three times a month.

The fact is that for the last time I made a very unsuccessful highlight, it turned out very thin and bright strands (and I love strands clear, even 1 cm thick) and it came out as if I did not fumbled, but just brightened. In general, the natural and non-vertical color of the hair was mixed, and there was no effect from the highlight, just the hair on the type became a little lighter. In addition, after such a procedure, the clarified hair from shampoos, homemade masks and simply from burnout in the sun became yellow (I can’t stand it), lost your noble white and mixed with my ash and russes and became insensitive.

Therefore, the tonic for me is a corporal wand.

I use a shade 8.10 pearl-ash. Inside the bottle of water ink black, after applying foam sirene-white foam. I usually, I my head shampoo as usual two times, and then as well as the shampoo my head with this tonic. On my hair below the blades need about three tablespoons. She foams well – so I just whip it in a foam on the hair and leave it for 10 minutes (and immediately my hand as I do it all without gloves). I tried to leave the longest hair acquire a beautiful sun-ash-ashton, but agree, in the life of a lilac.

After exposure 10 minutes, I wash off all this, and nano any balm or air conditioner, or even sometimes a mask, because after tonic hair becomes slightly tougher. Balms soften them and make it easier to comb. Also one of the advantages (personally for me and my oily scalp) – the hair is less alive at the roots, the tool dries them. But so in general from any paint. Bathroom and towels after that do not paint (although I read that there is no damage from dark shades of the towels, although it seems to me from any dark paint).

Result. The color of my melted strands becomes exactly the same as on the bottle, turbine pearl with ash with a dazzling gloss! Hair is simply transformed, in appearance they are more well-groomed, the color becomes alive, playing, disappears dullness and grayness. And most importantly – disappears yellow! Hair really look rich.

Tonic Pearl-ash Hair Balm Tonic Balm from Rocolor

Enough such an effect on four waves (or days 10). Pearl color is preserved, the yellowness is not breaking up, but after four washings it is clear that the shine is lost.

In general, I am very pleased, just in use and an excellent result. I know that some breed it with water and rinse the hair later, or mixed with shampoo and just wash the hair. I tried these options – the effect is less pronounced – after ordinary rinsing, the hair does not have time to score with the pigment, and from the shampoo – only leaves yellow-digit, neither gloss will not. Therefore, I use tonic separately – this is the most optimal option.

Hair care. Although the ecstacles of chamomile and white flax are stated and declared, I didn’t wait for the maintenance of a tint Balzam. But several times after Tonic, I did not use any balms – the hair was nicely soft to the touch, not dry, and did not fall out after washing and when combing. Only a slight inconvenience when combing – were more confused than usual.

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