Tones that are invisible on the skin

Tones that are invisible on the skin

This fragrant tonal base is a rather pigmented fluid on a lotus flower water and algae. The remedy is easily distributed over the skin with your fingers, does not leave the feeling of fat, but it gives a moistened effect. Before using the bottle you need to shake. Fluid composition is supplemented by SPF 15.

Moisturizing Cream with a Tonal Effect of Giorgio Armani

The composition of the nutrient cream includes a tone, which does not simply align the complexion of the complexion, but adjusts and overlaps all the imperfections. Because of the easy moisturizing texture, the tool is not felt on the skin and creates a noticeable, but delicate radiance.

Easy tonal remedy for nars

This powder tone without oils in the composition is best suited for fatty and combined skin. The remedy matches the skin, makes a slight glow, fills the pores and controls the appearance of shine. Factor SPF 30 reliably protects the skin from UVA- and UVB rays.

Fluid from SMashbox

Tonal remedy with water texture and hydraulic cream nutrition. Fluid is very liquid, it is easily distributed in the face, so economically spent. Explicit imperfections means will not block, but lines the tone. Summer Bonus – SPF 30.

BB cream from kiehl’s

The tool creates a very thin coating with the GYM Skin effect, and also moisturizes well, so it is best for dry and normal skin. As part – Mineral pigments, glucoside vitamin C, components that absorb ultraviolet rays.

Kiko Milano Highlight Cream

Universal Tonal Cream, which can be used without a highlander and primer. He gives the skin beautiful radiance as inside, looks as natural as possible. Suitable for any type of skin. Light and satin coating.

BB Cream from Erborian

Tones that are invisible on the skin

An amazing tone, which, when applied to the skin it looks gray and dense,, but heat is quickly merged with the color of the skin and does not feel at all on it. The texture is plastic, and because of the thickness means you need quite a bit. Markedly lines relief and face colors, looks a little satin.

Tinting Fluid from Caudalie

The composition of the caring fluid is included effective against pigmentation component of viniferine obtained from grape juice. Fluid matures noticeably, hides the pores and redness, leveled the complexion. Leather looks sweater, but not dry.

Kushon Aqua BB from 3Lab

Kushon 3Lab first appeared in the Russian market and remains one of the best. Means Universally: Protects from the Sun, hides the imperfection, soothes the skin and gives a slight shine. As part – Abyssin component 657, which protects the skin from drying and stress, pink water, a complex of peptides and other ingredients, caring for the skin.

Polyactive Serum for perfect skin color from Valmont

Full tone cream for care for any type of skin combines serum, cream and tone features. Serum merges with skin color, aligns her color and gives radiance. Assembly filters, silicon complex D² for the restoration of the dermal matrix, triple DNA to combat natural aging processes, as well as an encapsulated RNA in liposome to restore damaged cells.

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