Tone to tone 7 best cushions

Tone Tone: 7 Best Kushones

Almost all the latest innovations in the field of cosmetics come from Korea, but if not to us, then in Europe exactly. Kushon is a means that combines the properties of tone fluid, powder, SS- and BB-creams. The main raisin is in a porous sponge, which is saturated with a liquid tone and placed in Pudrenitsa. This product is bunk: at the bottom there is a sponge, and under the top cover there is a dry sponge for powder, which is distributed to the face.

The main advantage of the Kushonov is that the composition that the sponge is impregnated contains a lot of various moisturizing substances. In addition, the remedy provides weightless coating due to a porous sponge.

Aqua BB from 3Lab

American brand One of the first presented BB-cream in our country in Couch format. Thanks to the foam sponge, inside the remedy lies tightly on the face, carefully adjusts and moisturizes. BB-cream protects from UV rays due to SPF 40, so it is recommended to be applied 15 minutes before entering the sun, as well as repeat application after bathing. Also included there is a shift unit, which is quite by the way.

Miracle Cushion from Lancôme

Lancôme decided not to lag behind and this spring was presented in all mass markets their version – a light tonal agent is presented in the capital in six shades. The same format: impregnated sponge and sponge for applying. Main Product Quality – Almost Transparent Texture Due to Water Basics, Pleasant Floral Aroma and Instant Moisturizing.

Bounce Beauty Balm Moist from DR. Jart+

Dr. Jart + can also be easily found in Moscow. Dermatological brand introduced in the market BB-balm without smell, which levets the skin so that neither redness is not visible or the pores, and the skin itself becomes porcelain. In addition, the agent does not contain flavors, talc, alcohol and other allergens to which sensitive skin can react.

The format of this Kushon is favorably different from its competitors: instead of the impregnated sponge, the fader is equipped with a mesh limiter, from which the required amount of cream is squeezed when pressed on the sponge.

CC Cream Cushion System SPF 25 from Kiko

In the spring collection of the Italian brand also published a novelty – CC cream in Kushon. Like all CC-creams, this product gives the skin radiance, moisturizes and gently lines her tone. The tool is presented in six natural shades that are easy to fall on the skin without leaving the film effect.

Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB # 21 from Holika Holika

Tone to tone 7 best cushions

BB-cream from his homeland – Korea – with very diverse and useful ingredients: Argan oil, portulak extract, vulnerable chestnut extract and pearl powder, which take care of the skin.

The tool masks pigment and pedestal-stains and levels the tone. Argan oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, stimulates the production of its own collagen. SPF 50 high sunscreen factor securely protects skin.


Mineral tonal cream in compact packaging, also from Korea, brightens the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles due to the black caviar extract. Not only to the Koreans invented the cushions, so they also continue to experiment with product formulas. The ENPRANI brand invented HD-coating technology, which allows you to apply microscopically.

The product includes mineral water enriched with calcium, sodium and magnesium, which retains the skin fresh and moistened throughout the day.

Face Glow CC Cushion from Secret Key

CC cream combined five useful properties: moisturizing, clarification, sun protection, tone alignment and matting. As it should be the true Korean manufacturer, the light fluid with a floral aroma contains a rich set of ingredients: aloe vera extracts, calendula flowers, tute tree leaves, ginseng, Japanese dogwood, saffron seeds, jasmine, berries of Asai and much more.

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