Tone selection

Polish brand decorative cosmetics inglot presented cream base in the form of a poek. Despite the dense texture, the remedy does not dry the skin, smoothes the pores and does not emphasize wrinkles. The novelty can be used as a tone cream to create a matte veil, as well as apply pointwise, as a corrector — To hide disadvantages. The product is available in seventeen shades: from dark chocolate to very light, so you can use sticks also as a means for contouring.

Beyond Perfecting from Clinique

CLINIQUE brand introduced the BEYOND PERFECTION multifunctional tool that can be used as a tonal basis and as a consiletor. The convenient applicator in the form of a stick allows you to use the tool to the whole face or point. The persistent formula not only reliably hides the shortcomings, but also moisturizes the skin and absorbs excess fat.

Diorskin Nude Air Serum from Dior

The weightless texture of this tone sera not only creates the effect of perfectly smooth skin, but also moisturizes it due to vitamins and essential oils in the composition. The tool is consumed very economically due to the pipette, with which you dosage you choose the required amount of funds. So the bottles are enough for several months. To apply finger pads, slightly pat.

MéTéOrites Baby Glow from Guerlain

The Guerlain has a liquid tonal agent MéTéOrites Baby Glow, creating a smooth skin effect, like a child: gives the face of radiance, hides traces of fatigue and stress. The formula was based on the formula of legendary balls — "Meteorites". Glycerin-enriched fluid moisturizes the skin, having shared it with a light blush.

All Day Luminous Weightless from Nars

Innovative Formula All Day Luminous Weightless highlights the face from the inside due to those part of reflective pigments, and also provides breathable coating and resistance to sixteen hours. The tonal remedy does not block the pores and does not get down in wrinkles thanks "smart" polymers and elasticity coating — Your Mimic is absolutely natural and free.

Infablible Matte from L’Oleal Paris

Guaranteed twenty-four hours of absolute skin – The main advantage of Infillible Matte tonal cream from L’Oreal Paris. The texture is suitable for normal and combined skin, as well as prone to fat. The composition includes absorbent mineral particles absorbing excess skin fat. Despite the dense texture, the means is easy to distribute all over the face. Does not leave sticky feeling and does not waste your image.

Designer Lift from Giorgio Armani

Tone selection

Comfortable, soft and imperceptible — It is such sensations from the Tonal Cream Designer Lift from Giorgio Armani. The tool fills small mimic wrinkles, creating a resistant, but imperceptible coating with lifting effect. The tone is suitable for all skin types: gives the radiance dry and stopping on the prone to fat content.


Last Mac Development in Studio Line — Tonal base with liquid texture resembling gel serum. Due to this, the coating of average density helps to visually reduce the pores and mimic wrinkles, as well as hide skin imperfections. As part — Moisture Fusion Complex that provides instant skin moisturizing, and the SPF 30 filter will protect it from dehydration in the sun.

Ultra HD from Make Up for Ever

Shiny leather and even tone with any lighting — For these properties, the Ultra HD tonal agent was so fabulous from Make Up for Ever Ever Mixing Girls. As a basis, the developers took the improved HD FUNDATION formula of the same brand, which makes it possible to look like even on professional photos and videos. But, unlike its predecessor, a new tone fluid does not only provide a smooth and stable coating, but also moisturizes the skin.

Even Skin Tone from Catrice

Tonal cream with a promising name Beautifying Foundation noticeably brightens pigment stains and improves skin color after eight weeks of regular use. The coating of the average density remains on the skin throughout the day, without creating a mask effect and protecting from ultraviolet due to the SPF 25 filter.

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