Tone powder maximum natural

Tonal powder: maximum natural

Once there was no other opportunities to create a facial tone when applied, there were no other possibilities, besides ordinary powder – it sometimes looked at the skin very attractive, and it was necessary to be able to apply it very skillfully so that the "plaster" effect was not created. The cosmetic industry was then pleased with his consumers a wonderful means in the form of a tonal cream, but he did not solve all the problems with perfect make-up. And, as an alternative to a tonal cream, a tone powder appeared.

Tonal powder has a sufficiently dry texture. The number of fat components in its composition is minimized. First of all, it is intended for greens of oily skin, but it is quite suitable for both young ladies, which are periodically faced with those or other problems of dermatological nature. Women with dry skin care for dry skin and water balance in the body to use the tonal powder powder: from primitive bleached to the Bronzers, it is strongly not recommended: their option – tonal creams having a fat basis. The tonny powder is recommended to be applied to the face after it has absorbed the necessary portions of the daily moisturizing and nutritional cream. With insufficiently prepared face skin, the tone powder can simply turn into a planic look even the most refined makeup.

Tonal powder: offers from leading manufacturers

Many positive feedback on the Internet collected a tonal powder Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre. She falls on the face with a transparent matte layer, which is provided by ultra-thin talc and silicon microspheres. Photographic pigments, masking wrinkles and skin deficiencies is achieved at the expense of photographic pigments that give the tone of the face immaculately naturalness. As part of the tonal powder Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre present microscopic crystals consisting of Loriol Lisin and Silicone – it is they who make the powder less "bat". It is well distributed over the skin surface and as if it "merges" with it thanks to pigments in a lipoaminoxot shell.

The famous Tona powder from the company Dior, called Diorskin Nude, is positioned on the global cosmetic market as a means with a nude skin effect. First of all, such a powder acts on the skin like a certain energy cocktail, moisturizing it and toning, and in the second – softens small cosmetic flashes due to the fact that translucent particles, supplemented by microcapors of mineralized water, lay down on each other and attract light.

In the tonal crumbly powder crumbly powder: natural effect with the nude skin effect Fond de Teint Poudre Fraicheur Effet Peau Nue, the person’s incomparable Hollywood star Monica Belucci was in its composition, copper, zinc, manganese, vitamin with , Flax Seed Extract, Natural Silk Protein. It gives the person a particularly well-kept look, and makeup made with its use looks unusually fresh and bright. Dior also released a "summer" version of such a powder, including sunscreen filters.

Tone powder maximum natural

Misconception about the tonal powder

Tonal Powder does not dry up the skin, as some "experts" assure – it only helps the fat skin look more dry visual, do not glisten and do not glorify. Discovers from its use can only experience those women who have skin on her face from the nature of dry and sensitive. Particles of tone powder made according to modern technologies are so small that they do not clog the pores and do not clog output gonducts. They absolutely do not interfere with the natural process of skin self-cleaning.

Subject to proper use, the tone powder is almost not noticeable on the skin and looks very natural. Selecting it, you need to take into account not only the color of your own skin, but also its type, as well as some other features – for example, an increased or reduced sweating, a tendency to allergic reactions and so on. As part of some high-quality tones, there are special microscopic spheres that are similar to skin cells, due to which the magnificent optical effect is ensured.

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