Tone or powder?

Girls cute help me with my problem. The fact is that I have very dry skin and besides it to peel on the cheeks and on the nose. Plus still black dots and extended pores and feeling that it is transparent (((((in short. I constantly moisturize her a day several times have to smear by a moisturizing cream from what I have and then all the face begins to glisten (((I tried to use the tone cream, but they probably do not fit me. then they are very dried, they allocate all the peeling, then roll. The corener never used, now I want to try to powder. Girls Please ask me some kind of powder or even can tonne. So want the face to look fresh and well-groomed.

Thank you in advance!

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Tone or powder
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I, too, dry skin now. first used tunnels, then read it better to use powder and bought a powder. recently began to notice that she looks not particularly on dry skin, and the sensations became unpleasant from powder. bought a ton of bourgeois 10 hours sleep and do not redeem! Very easy and moisturizes perfectly. So I do not advise with dry skin to use powder, it is better to look for a suitable tone cream.

I also wanted bourgeois 10 hours of sleeping, just I doubt whether he will suit me, on my skin all the tons look like a mask.

On dry skin it is undesirable to immediately apply the powder, there are tons with a moisturizing effect, ask about this consultant. Try in the store from the tester to apply a tonal, of course, of course, to do during the daytime, so you can discern how it behaves. The fact that the tummer creates the effect of the mask says that you misunderstood her.

And of course moisturize the skin not only with cream, but also masks.

and you try first to put on a small part of the face. But at all I can not imagine that he creates the effect of the mask, he is sooo light. Aligns color, black dots normally shrinks. But for more serious shutters will not go, you need a corrector. maybe you are very dense tonal creams chose, so they lay the mask.

I have the most dry skin. What to say – I try to care for her from the inside, give more care. I use MK and care, and the basis. But shelshushki she emphasizes if they are, it is definitely. Sometimes (in summer in t.C.) cover your face scattering from mf and all. Like norms. Just most of all in the world I need to sleep, well, and with a diet not abuse. That’s all =)

And also drink a lot of water per day

To be honest, it seems to me that I drink too much. I do not know whether it is right. (((

I, too, dry skin, I try to nourish it both outside and inside.
I still have NRA from Avon there is a cream with a tone effect (other brands also saw such), I use it like sos if it does not beautifully fall powder or tonal.

Try before applying mixing a tonal cream with a droplet of a light daily moisturizing cream or gel and then apply this mixture on your face, and powder, applying it from above, you can already fix the tonal. The tonalnik is also better to choose from a series of moisturizing. But in your place, I would add this problem to the cosmetologist, may it appoint some medical procedures, for example, the same facial cleaning (which clears the pores and then the skin begins "breathe", So, and better absorb cream and pr.) will help you choose the necessary cosmetics to care for skin care of your type. The skin becomes dry and flakes precisely because of "Badness" pore. Repeatedly for the day to lubricate the skin with cream is not very useful – as a result of the pores are closer, the skin ceases to cope with themselves "Stress" and aggressive impacts from outside, does not fully fulfill their protective functions. Therefore, in this situation, a comprehensive solution to the problem.

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