Tonal Snow White Cream

Tonal Snow White Cream?

Girls, tell me, please tonal cream for snow-white. I have a winter type of appearance and leather very light. All tonal on me seem dark and yellow. Maybe someone managed to find a light color from the suit. I don’t want masses already.

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Maybe the photo will be a good addition.

Tonal Snow White Cream

I once found it – this is a matting tonal cream from Clarins, tone 01 "Linen" called. I really liked! Try to test it, maybe I will like it 🙂

Oh, thank you very much. I’ll definitely try

I also have light skin, try YSL TEINT Compact Hydra Feel, I took 2 ku, though it is cream, and cream powder, can be suitable, test.

It’s always interesting to me that it was where Snow White takes yourself tunnels. All that in Letoal, RIV GOSH and T.D. I smeared from and to. Found one dioric fluid SPF12, straight white! But something he did not fit me very much (left feedback). I will also stand out.

I do not use the tone cream myself, but I bought this winter fluid FASE $ BODI MAKE Up Fore Ever. It is water based and gives a very easy covering. There is a very light tone there, from which the consultant dissuads me, t.To. From her words " also a little emits not light skin". Bought with yellow subtock. I think you may come. Costs about 1500 without a discount, in IDB. Discount is valid for the maximum, t.E. 25%

need to see all. because how much I’m suffering, but everything turns out to be dark. Here at the end of the month I will go to "a business" : Search for the right tone. Thanks to everyone who responded

If the tools allow, see Sisley, shade 0 (zero) it is very, very light, but costs about 4,000 excluding a discount. As an option-Givenchy PhotoPerfection Number I do not remember, they have a very bright shade, but rarely happens.4-ku do not take it darker and yellow. Chanel has in different series Limpide shade, number 010 kind.

Katon, buy Lumen Nechell Code # 10 (about 300 rubles). Really liked quality despite the funny price)

I immediately said that I only consider suite. Luien with me probe enough. Such an ass with skin later. No, no..
Zhivyushi Photooperfekschna waited the brighter itself and still yellow and dark =)))) straight one hundred percent is needed for snowball

For me, too, the brightest Givenos Photooperfekschn was yellowish, and Chanel, and sishal in the glass ((here the Clarans just did not try from everything that they advised, it is necessary to look, or you will write later, please, if you find.

In vain. I now regret that before such a tonalnik did not buy, the suite – not always the best, and I heard notes of snobsm.

I strongly apologize if it looks like a snobbery =) I just really from the mass I have already managed to try everything, in color Lumen is impeccable, but terribly scorches me pores. Hello. So I hope that I can suit something suitable to find from Midla or Luxe. For example, although there is alone alone, but nevertheless, no pores forget. Just for the desired color you have to deal with powder, and I would like more lightness so that everything was OK without powder

Yes, really taste and color, strange how that scored pores, I have such a problem problem, and the cream did not harm the T-T-T

I wish you to find the ideal

Well, here many are problematic, but everyone has in their own way. Yes. I really hope that I will find the ideal. Here I took the probes of the clavera. I’ll try and then accomplish your goal

I do not know whether the pharmacy will suit? Vishy Aera Teint Pure Opal 12, there is cream, there is fluid. Cream if the skin is dry, the fluid for all it seems to me, but the fluid with alcohol (if you are not afraid, it will destroy when opening) I want to say that these are the only creams that I did not score pores, did not add any nasty, but not all of them like them can be tested, but to whom everyone is delighted, the coverage of them is very easy, they will not disguise big problems. From the suit, there was Lancome almost all of their tonalners, liked, but only with time I realized that all problems face from them. Dior Nude was 010, Tested 021 Light enough, did not like the shades (pink and yellow tones), and the skin is white, and so bad, can suit you.

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