Tonal cream Vichy from face water do not drink

Vichy tone cream: from face water do not drink

The right choice of tonal cream is one of the eternal female problems. I do not want anyone that the face looks novenient, and in search of a perfect cosmetic drug beautiful half, first of all, draws attention to the products of famous European brands. The tonal cream from the French company Vichy Cosmetics has gained particular popularity as a means produced on the basis of the famous thermal water of Vichy.

Vichy cosmetics in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other post-Soviet republics are positioned as environmentally friendly and universal, it can be purchased mainly in pharmacies. From the part of consumers you can hear about her quite different opinions. So, on the women’s forums of the Internet, one time was an urgent topic that allegedly for the production of its cosmetics, including decorative, Vichy uses hormonal inclusions. They, in turn, are addictive, and in case of termination of the use of cosmetic drugs, allegedly arose and associated side effects.

Saving natural radiance

Vichy tone cream is referred to as AERA TEINT PURE – Aeroton Puree. The manufacturer’s website says that it is capable of moisturizing the skin and give her a feeling of comfort for twelve hours, as well as to make her surface, keeping natural radiance. The drug is produced in tubes with a volume of thirty milliliters and has a lightweight consistency, perfectly harmonizing with dry skin care for dry skin and water balance in the body .

Previous product Vichy from the tonal series was Teint Fluide Mat cream. Subsequently, he was removed from production, offering consumers a novelty in the form of Aeroton Puree and convincing them in the fact that there is no fundamental difference between old and new tones. However, the owner of a mixed skin type remained unhappy – Teint Fluide Mat they liked more, and "Aeroton Puree", in their opinion, gives the person a firm gloss in an hour or two after applying makeup.

Some women before buying Vichy tonal cream in a pharmacy, first experimenting with his probes that gloss glossy magazines on their pages. Those for whom such acquaintance is very pleasant, note the gentle texture of the drug, the ability to apply it on thin and capricious skin around the eyes. "Aeroton Puree" can not be called comedogenic, that is, it does not block the pores of the skin. Among the disadvantages, as a rule, the overestimated price is mentioned, equivalent to about twenty-five dollars, and a specific smell resembling the smell of medicines.

Tonal cream Vichy from face water do not drink

Attention: problem skin

There is Vichy and Special Development for Problem Skin – Tone Cream Normaderm Teint. It is addressed to those buyers whose skin has a distinct pronounced leaning. The structure of the drug refers to fluid, and therefore the blockage of its use is not fraught. The skin gets the opportunity to fully breathe thanks to the innovative texture of the Sebum-Proof, which falls on the skin like a thin and smooth matte veil and prevents the selection of sebum.

Normaderm Teint includes the Qincadon ATM complex, which has a beneficial effect on the appearance of the skin of the face and its condition, antibacterial additive Glycadon, as well as diploma, normalizing cellular update processes, and glycolic acid with exfoliating effect and absorbing semoliable skin fat. And finally, the mandatory component is the thermal water Vichy.

This tone cream is considered hypoallergenic, recommended for sensitive skin sensitive skin: fragile reflection of the capricious nature and has SPF 20 sunscreen filter. Normaderm Teint not only helps to hide disadvantages on the face, but really fights with them, approaching the skin of the skin to the ideal. As a means of decorative cosmetics Decorative cosmetics: how to make a beautiful makeup it is presented in five shades, from which you choose the most suitable women with very light skin, and darkness.

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