TONAL CREAM TEINT IDOLE ULTRA SPF 10 tone 010 from Lancome

TONAL CREAM TEINT IDOLE ULTRA SPF 10 tone 010 from Lancome

So, I will start with the fact that having problems with the skin 2 years ago ceased to use the tonal cream! I thought the cream would not beat the pores, the skin will breathe and generally acquire a more decent appearance! But! I did not notice changes! As it was necessary to go to the wedding and for me it became a problem that without having a cream at hand, could not make a decent makeup! I was upset.(((And now I’m looking for six months "mine" tone cream! Vichy tried, Max Factor, Iza Dora. But everything is not! Float, burn and many more different problems! There appeared the Internet and I learned that there is general cosmetics "Lux" (Great shad), and thought: "Better I will spend 5 times more on a good cream than several mass products (the more nothing came and I’m afraid to take it)". Began to collect information about creams, girls reviews, weighing everything "per" and "against"! As a result, I decided to stay on Teint Idole Ultra SPF 10 from Lancome. And while I feel that I did not lose!

Combined, with a very fat T-zone. There are black dots, subcutations (already less), extended pores and not only in the T-zone, uneven color of the face, redness, pedestal! Cheeks dry, but in an hour moisturized, and the skin is generally dehydrated.

Requirements for a tonal cream:

The average disguise, not light and not dense (dense is very noticeable, light disappears or floats), resistant, matte finish, without effect "Masks"!

Very comfortable bottle, nice to keep in hand. Cream with the dispenser, which is also very nice and convenient!

The cream is very well dosed (not much and not enough). Fluid texture is pleasant and good. On the photo we see that the cream is nowhere "Do not run away", does not drain that it provides convenient use and mixing on hand.

I like to apply a brush, t.To. Stop fingers clean. Yes, and the coating is a little more dense, I have a brush than your fingers. Well, who and who as comfortable!

The cream is well distributed over the skin – without divorces, as if sliding, covering the entire surface of the tender texture from the first time! The tone is perfect simple! Not yellow, does not pose. Introduce it to the matting and sebligulating fluid. Therefore, the shelushki is slightly emphasizes (in the winter she overwhelmed the face, and after cleaning the face she always flashes), but I don’t worry about this, because the sebaceous glands start to work and moisturize the skin (and the peel is not the trace. Yes! Yes! Yes!). Now for clarity I make a photo "before" and "after".

As you can see almost the imperfection of the skin, it was perfectly lined up the complexion, does not lie mask! The only thing, of course, is slightly different from the neck, which is more noticeable during the day (the skin is fat and how not to twist the cream still darkened a little).

TONAL CREAM TEINT IDOLE ULTRA SPF 10 tone 010 from Lancome

Here is my pores.

So, the coating saw and solve you as it! Now finished Pollitsa! Attention. From above only meteorites, powders are not quite! And for me, a tanta without a powder is death and horror.

Decide to you – flat or not flat looking face with him! I like, at least this finish, I did not give me a single cream and no powder! And now the photo after 4 hours of the socks of this cream – neither dumped and did not miss with matting napkins. For me, such an effect is just super! Because I know my skin and her behavior with tonal creams!

Sum up! Good cream with excellent texture, resistance, pleasant smell. For the month of use did not find the clogged pores and in general, so far did not disappoint! Slightly dry, by the way, so that the cream for owners of combination and oily skin will fit, I think more! It seems to me that he is not very economical! On face I need 1.5 or 2 full piples on the dispenser (pump). So, beauties, see and decide for yourself the effect of this cream. For now, I can not say it: "Did I find my cream or not?!". But with confidence I will answer that this is not the last my cream and the top five he deserves! Well, photos "Fingerprint mobile after 5 hours"!

Thank you all for your attention! I hope my feedback to someone will come in handy in the choice of a tone! I wish you good luck and great mood to these beautiful and sunny spring days. Keepyuyuya. Smok! Smok!

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