Tonal Cream Teint Eclat Lissant Autofocus from Clarins

Tonal Cream Teint Eclat Lissant Autofocus from Clarins

In Ile de Bota gave the probe of this tone cream. On the Internet, there was no description at all, only on the turn was written "Tonal cream, giving shine".

The smell of the cream is pleasant, the texture is very light, not fat, and the cream itself is incredibly liquid. When applied with fingers, I encountered a problem that it is smeared-smear, and he does not go anywhere, it vacuits on the skin and everything, without sponzing it is simply unreal. At the same time on the fingers instantly formed some kind of snow-white flare, which led me honestly in light shock.

As a result, the tone lay smoothly, but he is so light that is unable not to disguise the pimple, he will not hide even the slightest redness. For problem skin, it is just useless. In a couple of hours, it was not clear from where the shellishing on the forehead and around the mouth got out (taking into account that I had oily skin), by the end of the day I had a dehydrated whole face and the skin looked dehydrated and so neglected that I fled home so that it was faster and done Moisturizing mask. I can safely say that this is the most terrible tonal cream that I tried.

Weird..I also had a probe and I really liked the cream. True, I would advise girls with a combickequer to apply under it on a T-zone or base, or a matting agent.

And we went to Ile de Bot together with Svetka, gave 2 probes, we decided to robbed them in general))) And I also liked it, but I just horror. * Five smiley *

You are lucky that you were given a probe, and I bought it. such a nightmare on my face has never been. I even bought a base under him Clarins Lisse Minute, but she did not save him.

I sympathize ((By the way, I don’t like this base, many praise it as Ideally matting, but it is fat just, I like a pancake sheathing with her in a couple of hours ((

awesome tonalnik!! I have a problem skin, but this cream hid everything just for 5+!! held for quite a long time, especially if a little fasten to the way. The color of the lipper was smooth and healthy, the cream was applied easily, t.To. Pretty liquid. And in general, this is the only tonalnik (for now) from the luxury brands, which perfectly approached the color of my pale skin and did not make me the actor of the Kabuki theater! Almost everyone else is given to the yellow, as if the sick japless, look scary. or pink as piglets. In general, cream is excellent.

Tonal Cream Teint Eclat Lissant Autofocus from Clarins

I have a combined skin, z zone – very fat, the rest of the face is dry. I tried different tonal creams – but only after that cream I stopped my searches. He fits perfectly! Remarkably levels the color of the face, hides the pores (in oily skin, they are pretty noticeable), and it does not score the skin, thereby completely immeasured on the face. I even don’t even know what to say – at the expense of peeling, I always try to keep track of the way the skin does not save, and if it is rarely brushing the skin scrub – then really after applying any tone cream during the day a very noticeable peeling on the face may appear during the day. I use the most tender scrubs, almost every day, and there are no problems. The skin is perfectly smooth, without peeling, irritation and other things. The only difficulty is to choose the right cream base under makeup. Matting creams have a property to turn on the face when applying liquid tonal creams (and our tone cream, which we discuss – liquid), I use simple, light, not expensive and no fat cream – Niveya, giving, perfectly suitable. And yes – at the expense of oily shine on the face – I noticed such a feature – if I visit the cosmetologist, or at home I have been cleaning the face – I will definitely have a fat shine for the first days two – as oily skin, after it was carefully cleaned – starts actively salty. It is necessary to take care of the face of cosmetics – which reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands. In general – with this ripobility no tone cream will not cope.

I like this cream, 10+

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