Tonal cream or powder what is better

Tonal cream or powder what is better

Perfect skin boasts the smallest number of women. In order to hide errors, a woman usually applies masking creams, or powder.

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The eternal question of a woman, a tone cream or powder that is better. The answer is unequivocal it is two cosmetics details that must be present at the same time. Modern tones have a complex of moisturizing components, which in turn hold moisture on the surface of the skin. For this, usually apply gel with aloe vera, chamomile extract and calendula. These extracts help the healing of microcracks on the face.

The tone cream gives a velvety tint of the skin, makes the skin smooth and performs a lot of different functions. But first you need to consult a cosmetologist to choose the right tonal cream and powder.

For normal skin and in the absence of visible defects, you can apply a moisturizing and tinting cream fluid, barely painting.

For the effect of natural skin, it is necessary to properly apply a tonal cream on the skin. In the case when the cream is liquid, it is applied with light tapping from the middle of the face, and finish at the boundaries. To secure the result, you should apply a thin layer of powder on top of the tonal cream. It is applied with light touch brushes on the skin of the face.

If you need to apply a layer of thoroughly, then the crash for applying powder must be absolutely dry. A sufficiently masking effect gives a tonal cream in the form of a pencil, under it can be very successful to hide capiles. In this case, the tonal cream follows a special tampon, and to adjust the makeup pencil.

If you have oily skin, you need to purchase a liquid tonal cream without fat, or long-acting tones. To secure the result, over a tone cream to walk with a tassel with a powder.

With a combined skin, a tone cream is suitable with a tanning effect.

For dry skin, tonal creams with a moisturizing effect are suitable, on the face such a cream looks quite natural. If your skin is overpowering, then use the creamy tone tool. It is necessary to apply it wet sponge, so as not to emphasize wrinkles. For dry skin, use a compact powder with a silky texture.

Tonal cream or powder what is better

Correctly selected color of the tone cream, does not forms from your face – mask. Before choosing a tone cream, apply it to the cheek – it must match the color of your skin. Choosing powder compact, remember that it should be on the tone lighter than the tone cream.

Correctly apply a tonal cream, the key to your success!

To start, moisten your skin with cream. If you have a cream too fat, wait until the full absorption, or wet the napkin. It is better to apply tonal to moisturizing cream, so it is better absorbed.

Start apply a tone cream from top to bottom.

For the night, be sure to clean your face from the residues of the tonal cream, and apply a moisturizing cream.

If you correctly selected the color of the tone cream, then it is not necessary to apply it.

On the border of hair growth, swear correctly tonal cream.

Apply a tone cream only after a quarter of an hour, after applying a day cream, otherwise makeup will be spoiled.

Try to apply makeup in the day natural light, if you do not work, then make a correction in make-up on the fact that you get into the natural light. And the picture will learn completely reverse, rather than you see now in the mirror. Think about where you are going to go with this makeup, what will lighting. Make an amendment and on this lighting.

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