Tonal cream for men whim or necessity

Tonal cream for men: whim or necessity?

Beautiful half of humanity has long appreciated all the advantages of a tonal cream – a universal means for masking small flaws of the skin and aligning its surface, which also copes well with such a task as protecting the skin of the face from sharp temperature drops and other weather troubles. The first tone cream for men appeared in the world in 2008, but has not yet managed to become a popular cosmetic agent.

The coup in the male-oriented beauty industry, it was removed to produce CLINIQUE: she called a novelty Clinique M Cover. Tonal cream for strong floor representatives was decorated in the form of a pencil, and the procedure for its appointment is thus simplified to the limit. If women when applying a liquid tone cream usually use wet sponges, thoroughly distributing the mass on the face of the face, then the men of this fate passed. Yes, and they saved their Clinique experts from the need to cover the entire surface of the face – from the chin to the tips of the hair, on the ladies manner. The male tonal cream has a larch mission: it is intended for visual elimination of dark circles under the eyes how to remove the circles under the eyes: we will mask the lifestyle, freckles of freckles – how to deal with them and is it worth it? , acne, cuts from a razor machine, signs of allergies and so on.

All new – only well forgotten old

Despite the fact that many men relate to prejudice to the emergence of such stuffing in their arsenal of skin care products, it is quite natural. It is not by chance, for example, the European aristocrats of the gallant century sought to give their face a big attractiveness using the usual powder powder: from primitive bleached to the Bronze . In this they dealt with no worse than their wives and mistresses.

Special means for giving a certain shade of leather did not neglect the priests of ancient Egypt, and in their number, as you know, most often got men. So you can say about the tonal cream for men: "All new is well forgotten old".

Perhaps, for addiction to a special tonal cream, men will simply need a little time, because sometime they also wanted to hear anything about moisturizing or nutrient food creams, but they subsequently appreciated them in dignity.

In unisex format

Tonal cream for men whim or necessity

While special male tunnels find in a free sale not easy, and some Internet forums are replete with useful advice on the use of traditional cosmetic drugs, helping to hide face flaws. Some are quite sincerely believe that they are not allowed to use the tone creams from the cosmetics of their spouse and girlfriends, because by and large this product refers to the Unisex category. It quite harmoniously fits the tonaltners from Thalac and Gamarde (France), Living Nature (New Zealand), Ands Corporation (Japan).

It is known that men’s skin has a denser structure than women’s, and therefore, when choosing a tone cream, representatives of a strong floor should, first of all, to pay attention to the means with a more thick consistency. They, as cosmetologists and makeup artists say, are able to trigger even the most expressive acne or irregularities.

Just like women, men need to pick up a tonal cream, taking into account the natural color of the skin: it should differ from the color of the cream not more than half a stone. When buying such a cream, it is customary to "try" his shade to hand, but it is not quite the right approach, since the skin on hands and on the face differs significantly in color. And it is better to try it directly on the face, rustling with a wet sponge, or at least on the neck.

The composition of tonal creams often include vegetable extracts, vitamins, trace elements, sunscreen filters, moisturizing components and bactericidal agents, which in the complex have an additional beneficial effect on the skin, protecting and smoothing it. But men, unlike women, there is still no need to use tonal creams every day, and similar funds in their care arsenal are more likely to be viewed as ambulance tools than as a mandatory element.

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