Tonal base “Hello Flawless Oxygen WoW! “From Benefit

Tonal base "Hello Flawless Oxygen WoW!"From Benefit

I love Benefit and tried a lot of different products, most of which wrote reviews here. The overwhelming majority deserved a solid five, some received four, and the most rare addressed the top three. Since the overwhelming majority of cosmetics did not disappoint me, I decided to try the brand’s new product almost immediately as soon as I saw her announcement – a new liquid tonal basis called "Hello Flawless Oxygen WoW!". Still, applying on the face of tone is a ritual for me if I’m not going to spend all day at home. The reason for this is the pretty problem skin, with which at the moment it turned out to more or less to reconcile, but the uncompatible pedestal, naturally, remained.

..However, the hands before buying this tool reached only in the middle of the summer, and it was only a few weeks later to try it when the skin returned to the familiar extra-bright shade, because I took the brightest shade, out of availability – Ivory (Believe in Me).

Initially, we have a pleasant eye white-silver box:

The top is the shade:

If you already fed up the tonal bases, packed in glossy / matte glass or vice versa to soft "Tubic" Plastic, then you should like the packaging "Hello Flawless Oxygen WoW!" – It is from dense matte plastic, through which the cream itself shines, and the title of the tonal base, applied to it with a cute elongated font.

The cover is easily removed, but at the same time it sits tight enough, so as not to fall out from the tube when you do not need it. On her tip, too, there is inscriptions, as you can see in the photo below. 🙂

The dispenser is excellent, requires easy pressing and immediately gives out the optimal portion of the means. Not clogged, does not spit and no problems do not give any problems.))

Tonal base

Now about the most important thing: about the taller basis.

The texture is insanely pleasant: moderately dense, but applied to the face easily, quickly, sliding – thanks to this, the application and decisive are held very quickly. I appreciate such qualities, because in the morning I am always very difficult to get up, because of what I often get up a little later, I have to get up faster.

The density is average – half a year ago I would be unhappy, but now my skin is in a better condition, so this density is suitable for me. Well hides small and not very bright pedestal, but with newer copes, of course, bad, but in this case you can apply the tone point to the right places – it will not hide completely either, but at least make them less obvious.

First Minus: Tint. I took the brightest, and he did not come up! I have very light skin, it is always difficult to choose the desired color. I placed on advertising where weaving slogans "Ideal shades for any skin tone", As well as in the photo of girls of different nationalities, among whom I saw a girl of Asian origin, which immediately removed all the doubts, the whole in Asia ladies prefer very bright shades.

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