Tonal agent worthy of his name n. 1

Tonal agent worthy of his name n.1

Despite a slightly strange summer, I always want to pamper yourself, so I went to search for something easy and unusual. In winter and in the spring by tradition I use Korean BB-creams and once again it ended, and it was nothing to replace. And here I bump into the Korean tonal agent, which I got it last year in the cosmetic exhibition.

Due to the fact that even then did not work out to purchase the necessary shade (everyone was joined on the first day!), imagine my joy when I saw in May 1 Foundation on sale! Without thinking acquired the necessary shade, I have been using for several months on the recommendations of the manufacturers and I will gladly tell you in more detail.

While used a tonal agent, I have one that feel that the tonal basis is not imprinted on black? I have never seen this anywhere, or did not notice! Tested on a black t-shirt and jacket – no traces left. Like that? I do not know analogues, so it is definitely wow.

I also note that 1 Foundation has a VEGAN-certificate mark, which is not given to all. The compositions of all means are thoroughly checked for the absence of animals components, animal testing ITD, T.E.Such tools are absolutely safe for use for any skin types.

Texture: weightless, not felt on the face absolutely, and most importantly, that it does not lie down "mask" and it is not visible. Very liquid, it is necessary to squeeze very carefully. Dry, T.To.As part of the powder, I advise you to prepare the skin before applying well – apply serum or moisturizing primer.

At the price not inferior to European Luksu, but in quality and the density of European brands is very inferior to this tonal.

Tint – I took as usual the brightest – in the 1 Foundation lineage it is P21, which is still interesting – the brand proposes to choose a tonalnik with the letter P-PINK – all the tones with the effect of radiance, or Y-Yellow – then the finish will be matte.

Last year, on the booth, the representatives of the brand picked me a shade, indiscriminately, so I didn’t have to pick up for a long time.

Tonal agent worthy of his name n. 1

Application Simple: Shake the remedy, press the button with the dispenser, apply 1 drop to the hand (therefore the tonal agent is called One Drop) and apply to the face.

Even at the exhibition, representatives said several times to me how to properly apply the basis, and I would also like to share this information: do not apply circular and driven movements! The tonal basis need to still stretch from the center to the periphery of the face, and everything is due to two-phase texture (oil + powder).

The sponges did not recommend to use, they said it was better to buy a brush for applying the tonal foundations, but I don’t really like to use brushes.

Unambiguous Recomment, if you, as well as I, for lightness and weighty makeup!

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