Ton bases for different skin types

Ton bases for different skin types

This new product has appeared on the market not so long ago and immediately hit the top of the best tonal foundations, winning the love of girls around the world. The texture is dense enough foundation that allows it to hide even significant shortcomings. But he does not emphasize the irregularities of the skin, smoothes pores and peeling. We checked the tone for resistance and found that it does not clog up in the lines to the end of the working day, and not even printed on the screen during a conversation! Suitable for dry skin and prone to fat content: a tool ensures perfect balance, both matiruya skin and giving it a slight natural glow.

BB-cream, NYX Professional Makeup

Foundation spreads easily over the skin, hides flaws. It has a pronounced matte finish, but due to the presence of moisturizing and caring components, absolutely not dried the skin. No members of comedogenic oils makes it an ideal companion for owners of problematic skin, prone to inflammation.

Tonal Cream, Nude Magique Cushion, L’Oréal Paris

Delicate tone fluid enclosed in a compact body with a sponge will help out in any situation. It would seem that such a tender texture can only adjust the tone slightly. But at the first use it becomes clear that this base is capable of much. The soft pad with a smooth surface allows you to apply a tonal basis both in the current Top-Top technique to create a lightweight coating and the familiar smoothing movements for a more dense. As a result, skin irregularities smoothed, the texture is leveled, the flaws are practically invisible. The finish of the means is shining, which does not require the use of highlight. We were convinced that this Kushon was not in vain deserved love and simple "users", and professionals.

Tone Fluid kushonTeint Idole Ultra Cushion Lancôme

This is not the first lancôme brand. In the new version, an innovative format and a wide palette of the legendary TEINT IDOLE line from 9 shades were combined. Kushon gives weightless, but super-resistant and high pigmented coating. Finish – matte and velvety. The combination of moisturizing and matting components, as well as protection against UV rays makes it a versatile agent for any type of skin. If you like the format cushion, but the glow of the classic version, you seem superfluous, Teint Idole Ultra Cushion has the potential to become not only our, but also your pet.

Ton bases for different skin types

Compact liquid tonal base, Naked Skin, Urban Decay

Easy formula of the tonal base allows you to lay it by achieving the desired degree of coverage. But even when you apply several layers, it will justify your name Naked Skin for all 100%: the coating is completely not noticeable on the skin. This is largely attained by having reflective particles that create the effect Photoshop realtime. Naked Skin formula contains no oils, parabens and fragrances, so it is suitable for sensitive skin. Moreover, it is composed of peptides, natural extracts, vitamins and antioxidants.

Tonal foundation Dermablend, Vichy

The most pigmented tonal basis of our rating! However, the foundation has the shape of a light fluid, does not weigh down the skin and does not create a mask effect. This tonal basis is created to mask strong defects on the skin: post-acne, hyperpigmentation, scars, red spots, etc.D. Unlike most other tonal resources, it does not exacerbate the problem because it contains a part of the soothing and protective ingredients and SPF 35.

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