Tomorrow one of them will replace it “Vasily Utkin about the scandal with the Olympiad and Vitaly Mutko

"Tomorrow one of them will replace it": Vasily Utkin about the scandal with the Olympiad and Vitaly Mutko

In the evening of the fifth of December, it happened, perhaps, one of the tragic events in the modern history of Russian sport. International Olympic Committee (IOC) removed the national team from participation in the 2018 Olympic Games. This scandal could not not comment on one of the brightest and never shy in the expressions of sports commentators Vasily Utkin.

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Russian sports journalist and telecommattomator, television and radio officers expressed its position on the situation with the removal of Russian athletes from participation in the 2018 Winter Olympiad. True, he did it with an enviable share of sarcasm and dedicated his publications in Instagram Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation on Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy, Vitaly Mutko. What, in principle, not surprising. After all, it was he who served as Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation during the Games in Sochi, when, according to the reports of informants and experts, almost every second athlete, representing our country, took prohibited drugs.

"Everyone who bothers him today was frightened to do it yesterday. Tomorrow, one of them will replace him, "wrote in Instagram under the image of Vitaly Leontyevich himself Utkin.

We must pay tribute to Vasily: the ability to leave comments under this publication he did not leave. Surely realized that now there are a lot of dirt from "sofa experts". But in the next post, he already decided to make a little to the Russian official.

Vitaly Leontievich Mutko learns that Rodchenkov escaped

This unusual compared with the cult movie "The Shawshank Redemption" is clearly amused subscribers Utkin, which in this publication, he had already left the place to express their opinions.

"Mutko about the future"

"Ahahahahahahhaha! It’s a hit, Basil "

"Here I agree with Vasya. Surprisingly"

"Here’s the truth … It would be funny if it were not so serious"

"Visa lava Frome Heath Hart! A guy that seems to be sincere, and merge the same as the dead fish in the aquarium "

However, in this scandal affected not only athletes (whose dreams of participating in the Olympics can emerge as a house of cards) – they still have a chance to perform at the Games, but without the flag and anthem. But some officials, and in particular Mutko removed from the Olympics for life, and in any capacity. And now Mutko able to admire these competitions only on television or via the Internet.

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