Tomato Juice Home Cooking

Tomato Juice Home Cooking

While resting at the cottage, we usually deal with the preparation of conservation for the winter. This time the turn of tomato juice of homemade. By the way, I usually do not drink any other juice but that. And I often call me attacks. Therefore, for many years I have preferred exactly this option, cooked from the personally grown tomatoes.

Tomato juice – a storehouse of vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants. Recently, a diet based on it was even described. However, it should be remembered that it is necessary to consume this juice to consume those who suffer from problems with the acidity of the stomach, ulcerative disease.

So, we will need:

Ripe tomatoes

The amount of salt and sugar depends on both your taste preferences and tomatoes – how sweet they are. I, for example, love juice is very salty, so before use it gives him yet.

By the way, in winter it can not only drink. I often use tomato juice when cooking borscht and sauces in macaronam, it is already precisely more useful to shop tomato paste.

Tomato varieties will suit any. As you can see, I have tomatoes and yellow, and pink, and cream. It should be followed that among them there were no rotten and pitched, and then juice can get bitter.

So, tomatoes carefully mine, clean from the fruits and cut into pieces – small vegetables on halves, larger beds. By the way, the photo shows a tomatoor knife, which was just the winner in the nomination “Acquisition of the season” – it easily cuts tomatoes even on slices of millimeter thickness, and it is worth a penny – about 40 rubles.

The optimal option is to use the juicer or food processor to grind them. But we, unfortunately, forgot to take this technique to the country, so used the usual submersible blender.

Fully grinding tomatoes to juice consistency.

The resulting juice is transferred to the pan and bring to a boil on medium heat, not forgetting to constantly stir.

Tomato Juice Home Cooking

After boiling, a foam will appear, which is not needed, it will begin to disappear in a few minutes. Add salt and sugar – on a three-liter saucepan of juice I took 1 tablespoon. Stirring boiling juice on low heat for about 20 minutes to complete foam disappearance.

In advance, banks should be prepared – fit both with a twin cover, and with a twist. I like the second option more. Sterilization lovers can rinse the tank with boiling water or vinegar, I usually use ordinary clean and dry banks without preprocessing.

Spill tomato juice. To avoid the split banks, you should first pour a little juice to the bottom, wait a few minutes so that the glass warms up, and then fill the container completely, to the top.

By the way, I tried to push the juice several times to remove bones from tomatoes, but then I thought about the feasibility of this action, and decided that it did not affect the taste of juice. If you do not like juice with bones, do not forget it to strain.

Twist the caps, turn the bottom up, wrap and look forward to winter!

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