Tokyo Design Week

Milan Design Week (MDW), unlike the local fashion week (MFW), attracts not only manufacturers Made in Italy. Not less, but rather, even much more than the international representatives of the world of design come here in April, in order to tell about their innovative ideas.

This year is one of the most vivid and decent participants MDW There were Japanese. They could be seen everywhere: on Rho Fiera and Salone Sattelite, Quarterly Brera and Lambrate. And in the famous area Zona Tortona Their works were devoted to a whole exhibition that was called Tokyo Design Week. Below — 6 of the most interesting works that young guys from Japan presented on this exposition and which would like to have at home.

Shinya Yoshida — Nukumori

Simple and resourceful lamp Nukumori, that translated from Japanese means «Feeling warmth», — nothing but a small piece of wood. Barrel and bitch — Here is the basis of this «warm» Design. Shinya Yoshida, The author of this original idea, believes that Nukumori can be used both suspension and as a table lamp. Unusual grinding thread — Another nice nuance of this lamp.

Masaki Katami and Product Design Workshop — Pulp Fix

Strange subject Pulp Fix, reminiscent of the heart of the robot, rather than the lighting device, was designed Masaki Katami and Product Design Workshop. Made from recycled paper, this lamp really resembles something electronic and inanimate, fully peculiar to modern Japanese culture.

Ryohei Sakaki, Daiki ITO and Toshiki Otani — U-Mo

Bright and soft white and yellow donut U-Mo, presented Ryohei Sakaki, Daiki ITO and Toshiki Otani, — This is a poof toy for big and small. What can be more pleasant than to be hungry (literally) in the solar and warm atmosphere U-Mo at the end of the day! This modern design — Excellent solution for any cozy home furnishings and people with a good sense of humor. (In the photo one of the designers shows how «right» use U-Mo.)

SU Suzuki — Shiten chair

Unusual Shiten chair, Designed SU Suzuki, Reminds the traditional Japanese feast to fold origami — miniature paper figures. In the same way, this chair was made: from one square metal sheet. Bled, bent and places cutting, Shiten chair fascinates with its abstract form and produces illusory impression. Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting subject for home collection chairs for the most extraordinary personalities.

Tokyo Design Week

Shigeru kubota — I-V

It seems that this extremely thin, lightweight and minimalistic lamp I-V simply pararit without having weight. The purpose of his designer Shigeru kubota It was created «visible-invisible» item. Overcoming all the complexity of design and production by reducing unimaginable sizes the height of this lamp, Kubota was able to achieve the welcome abstract effect.

Takasu Gaku — Axis of Rotation

Elegant chair Axis of Rotation, Designed Takasu Gaku, assembled from the maximum thin metal rods. Stylish and ephemeral, Axis of Rotation Ideally follows the motto of his fiction: «just, durable, beautiful».

Maria Novozhilova — Architect, designer, photographer and blogger. Studied and for 9 years live in Milan. Expert of the cult Made in Italy and Japanese architecture.


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